Coffee Barista making coffee

Last week I was speaking to a potential SMS marketing client that owned a coffee shop. He told me he wasn’t interested in SMS marketing because “he wasn’t interested in giving things away.” I completely understand where he’s coming from, most people think SMS campaigns are there just to give SMS coupons, like below.

SMS promotion for restaurant

A coffee shop like his can give SMS coupons, but the real money maker for SMS marketing is the up-sell. Look at the following SMS campaign, it’s not about¬†“giving things away”, it’s about customers spending more than they normally would.

SMS promotion for restaurant

Lets say this coffee shop is able to get 10% of their mobile subscribers to spend $2 more per week than normal with their SMS coupons. Lets do that math…

Calculating the costs of SMS maketing

That’s an additional $14,560 in revenue for that one coffee shop. As a business owner, what could you do with an additional $14,560 per year?


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