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Advertising Your SMS Marketing Campaign

How To Promote sms campaign

If your business or organization is launching an SMS marketing campaign, your custom mobile Keyword is hands down your biggest asset and promotional tool. When Tatango¬†client New York Pizza & Bar created their SMS campaign, they saw the value of their mobile Keyword “NYP” and placed it almost everywhere.

Because of this tactic it was no surprise that New York Pizza & Bar’s SMS campaign grew from 1 subscriber to over 1,000 subscribers in just a few months. Their SMS marketing campaign success is attributed to the promotion of the simple phrase “Text NYP to 68398 for a weekly coupon” through the following advertising mediums:

1 – Front glass door sticker

2 – Print ad in local newspaper

3 – Bathroom mirror stickers

4 – Facebook fan page

5 – Restaurant fliers

6 – Restaurant table tents

So it’s really not all that difficult to build an invaluable SMS campaign. All it takes is some leveraging of the advertising platforms that you already use. And from then on, you’ll use SMS marketing to your advantage by driving immediate traffic to your business and experiencing staggering open and redemption rates. Especially on that “slow day” of the week. For more mobile marketing tips, please subscribe to our blog.


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