Advertising Your SMS Campaign

Once you have selected a good SMS keyword for your SMS marketing campaign, the next step is to figure out where to advertise your new campaign. Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses his strategy for advertising a new SMS campaign.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson from Tatango here. One of the first steps of any SMS campaign, besides just setting it up, is advertising. You can’t send messages to people if you don’t have people joining your campaign. So advertising is key to the success of any SMS marketing campaign.

There are so many different places, as you can see – Facebook, Twitter, website, email, direct mail, menus, table tents, blogs, flyers, shirts, window decals, newspapers, radio. You can advertise anywhere. The key though, what I see a lot of clients doing is they pick one of these. They say, “You know what? We’re going to advertise on one of these channels for our SMS campaign.”

Let’s say we’re going to just advertise on Facebook. That’s all. The problem with that is a certain percentage of your customers are on Facebook, and a certain percentage of those customers are fans of you on Facebook. Now, Facebook, let’s say from a growth standpoint, it’s going to get your growth. Your campaign is going to grow and you’re going to be successful.

But if you want to be uber-successful, you have to be like the campaigns that actually put their SMS campaign on every single one of these. They put it on Twitter, they put it on their website, they put it in their email signature, they send out bulk emails to everybody, they put it in their direct mail, they put it on their menus, their table tents. Really, how I look at it, if you have a customer and they haven’t seen the call to action, text restaurant to 33733 or pizza to 33733, you failed from an advertising standpoint. You want to make sure that, wherever your customers are, whenever they’re interacting with your brand, they see the call to action.

This is Facebook or just picking a couple of them. This is the kind of growth you’ll get if you put the SMS campaign, the call to action, on every single one of these. I know it does take time. So start off with the ones that are the easiest – Facebook, Twitter, website, email. Those are the easiest ones. Then start working your way, putting it on the menu, putting it on the table tent, putting it on the waiters’ or waitress’ shirts, putting newspaper ads, radio. Focus on those secondly, but you have to focus on them. You can’t just say, “Look, I’m just going to focus on these three, and I want to achieve amazing success with my SMS campaign.” You really have to focus on wherever your customers’ eyes are.

That goes for every piece of advertising, whether you’re advertising Facebook, Twitter, or SMS campaign. You want to put them everywhere. Hopefully, you can use that tip in any one of your advertising mediums also. Anyway, hopefully that helps answer the question of where do you put your SMS campaign when you want to advertise it.

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