The SMS Marketing Ecosystem

Ever wonder how a text message gets from an SMS provider like Tatango all the way to an SMS subscribers mobile phone? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down the four pieces of the SMS marketing ecosystem, which include the SMS providers, SMS aggregators, wireless carriers and most importantly the SMS subscribers.


Video Transcription

Hi. Derek Johnson with is an SMS provider. A lot of people of have questions how a text message gets from an SMS provider all the way to a SMS subscriber's mobile phone. Well, today I'm going to explain to you how the SMS marketing ecosystem works.

First, as I said, Tatango is an SMS provider. There's a ton of SMS providers out there and they all are a platform for businesses and groups and organizations to build text messages and send them out to their customers or clients.

When the text message gets sent from an SMS provider, it goes to an SMS aggregator. There's only a few of these in the United States. They aggregate all the text messages sent from the SMS providers into one central location. Those SMS aggregators have direct connection to the wireless carriers. They send all those text messages to the wireless carriers, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon. Then, obviously, from there you're pretty familiar what happens next. Those carriers send out the message to your mobile phone, and you get the text message.

The best part about the SMS marketing ecosystem is that once you get the text message on your mobile phone, we get a message all the way back to the SMS provider that says that message has been received. So we get a full loop communication tool that tells us that the message actually got sent and arrived where it was suppose to arrive. That's the SMS marketing ecosystem. Looks a little confusing and there's a lot of parts, but that's why you use an SMS provider to make sure you really don't have to care about any of this stuff. You just have to make sure we can send the messages all the way down the chain and then receive the receipt, making sure that it actually got to where it needed to go back and you can view it on your SMS marketing platform.

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