SMS Marketing Frequency

At Tatango we always get asked the question about how often a business should send a text campaign. Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses the two most important factors determining how often to send text campaigns to your customers.


Video Transcription

Hey guys, Derek Johnson from here. We’re going to talk about how often you should be sending an SMS campaign to your customers. That’s a big question I get. People have thousands of people in their SMS campaign, and they’re asking themselves, “Okay, when and how often do I send a message to these people?” Well, it’s pretty simple. There are two rules.

One: Is each campaign valuable? With Twitter and Facebook you can push messages like, “Hey, it’s really nice out today. Come in for a pizza.” On SMS, it is very intrusive, from a marketing standpoint, so you want to make sure each individual message is very, very valuable. It can’t just say, “Hey, it’s really nice out today” or “Hey, we have great happy hour specials.” It’s got to give them something of value.

Now, what I like to use is what I call personally the quarter test. Illustrate it out here – the quarter test. Always look at the quarter test when you’re composing a text message to your customers. What it means is, hypothetically, let’s say all your customers that were in your SMS campaign were charged $0.25 to receive every single text message that you sent out. If they were charged $0.25, would the special or the promotion or the thing you’re sending them be valuable enough that they wouldn’t leave the campaign? That really helps. Every single message that you compose to send out to your customers, make sure you run it through what I call the quarter test.

The second one, which is just as important, is looking at your customer base and saying, “Can my customers buy as often as I’m sending them a text message?” A good example here is let’s say like a salon or a barber shop. I get my hair cut maybe every three to four weeks. If I received a text message every single day from the salon or barber shop, that would be too much because I cannot get a haircut, I could but I don’t want to get a haircut every other day or every couple of days. For a salon here, I would recommend once a month because that’s where the customer is thinking about getting their hair cut. It’s every single month, not every single day. Again, if maybe you own maybe a cupcake place, you want to do it maybe every single week. Because I love cupcakes, I could eat a cupcake every single week. Pizza? Maybe even twice a week. I eat a lot of pizza. A car dealership? Maybe every quarter, maybe every six months, because I don’t buy cars that often.

So you really want to look. This isn’t one size fit all. This is, obviously, you’ve got to make every campaign valuable. This one though, just because the business down the street is sending it every single day, maybe doesn’t mean that you can send it every single day. It depends on who your customers are.

Anyway, hopefully that helps and explains how often you can send an SMS marketing campaign to your customers.

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