Introduction to SMS Broadcasts

Not sure how you can use an SMS broadcast for your business? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains both how SMS broadcasts work, and how you can use them to not only engage with your customers, but to increase loyalty and average spend.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango.

One of the products that we offer at Tatango is SMS Broadcasts. SMS broadcasts allow you to collect mobile phone numbers and then send text messages to those mobile phone numbers on a frequent basis.

Here's how it works. Let's say you own a pizza shop and you want to run an SMS broadcast campaign. The first thing you have to do is to get customers to opt-in to your SMS broadcast. To do this, you want customers to text the keyword, for example pizza, to a short code. A short code is a five to six digit phone number. Tatango's is 33733. Once they do that on their mobile phone, they'll be opting-in to receive future SMS broadcasts from your business.

The next step is you want to send a message. You want to pick a frequency. Let's say you want to send a message to all those people that have opted-in every Tuesday. Once you send that text message everybody receives it on their mobile phone. The best part for any business is once they receive that text message, let's say it's a coupon or a promotion, they would come in to the business with that text message and present it to the cashier.

That's good for business, and that's how people and businesses use SMS Broadcasts.

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