Downloading Apps Via Text Messaging

Do you have a mobile phone app that is looking to increase the amount of downloads? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango shows you how with text message marketing, you're able to decrease the friction experienced when downloading mobile phone apps, in-turn, increasing the amount of downloads of your app.


Video Transcription

Hi. Derek Johnson with With the rise of smartphones, there's been a huge explosion of the amount of apps that are out there. The problem with apps, though, are when you're in the real world, it's very had to tell customers how to download that specific app. This is really what most people see when you tell them, "Hey, go download our app." You see hundreds of thousands, even millions of apps. You see different versions, free, paid. You get distracted. It's very, very confusing for a customer. If you own a business, you know that you want to make the process of downloading an app, buying something, as simple as possible. Here's the solution. It's downloading apps via SMS. It avoids all this confusion with just telling them to go download the app on their smartphone.

Here it is. What you do is, you tell your customers to text a keyword. I set up the keyword "app" for my specific app, but whatever your app is called, you can use that as your keyword. This is all you say in your store. You say, "Text 'app' to 33733." Once they do that, instead of seeing all this stuff and trying to find and search for your specific app, you send them a text message back that says, "Download our app here." And then, you put a link, a direct link, to the page where you download that specific app. No more do they get distracted and buy another app and then, forget about your app. You take hem exactly where you want them to go. Pretty simple.

Either you can use this version, which confuses and distracts the customer, and there's a good chance that they're not even going to download your app. Or use this version and you direct them exactly where you want them to go, and they hit "download". That's up to you. My choice: download app via SMS. You're going to get way more downloads and it's going to be much easier for my customers' perspective.

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