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Tatango vs. Twilio for SMS Messaging (Why Tatango Wins)

Mar 15, 2021

tatango vs twilio for sms

With 99% open rates, SMS messaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your supporters, customers, and constituents. However, we understand that researching SMS messaging software can be a daunting process! There are many SMS messaging technologies on the market, and figuring out the best one for your organization is an important step. Not every SMS messaging platform is created equally, and not every solution is right for every type of user. Before jumping into demos with SMS marketing software providers, it’s important to identify your organization’s texting goals and what you want from an SMS messaging solution. SMS software varies, just like email marketing platforms, targeting different types of organizations and offering a variety of features. Make sure you know what features you want when evaluating SMS solutions. To help you determine the SMS messaging platform that’s best for your organization, we’ve created this blog post comparing Tatango and Twilio. Below, we briefly summarize each platform and outline the differences and similarities between them.


About Twilio

Twilio SMS is built for developers. Businesses can use Twilio SMS to embed phones, VoIP, and messaging into web, desktop, and mobile software. Twilio reviews show that, with Twilio, programmers can integrate various communication methods into their software and programs more easily, making it possible to place and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using Twilio’s web service APIs.


About Tatango

Whereas Twilio is built for developers, Tatango is built for marketers. Tatango is the industry-leading SMS marketing software provider that partners with political candidates, agencies, and nonprofit organizations to send SMS messages to their supporters. Tatango’s state-of-the-art solution is powerfully built and easy to use. Marketers can segment their subscribers, create automated campaigns, send MMS messages (text messages that include videos, gifs, and images) and pull detailed reports to help improve the ROI of every SMS message sent.


Tatango vs. Twilio SMS

Both Tatango and Twilio enable organizations to send SMS messages to their desired audiences. However, Twilio is more-so designed to send automated messages (such as for package alerts, delivery updates, or appointment reminders) whereas Tatango is designed to send promotional or informational texts from a candidate or organization to its subscribers. Many candidates and advocacy groups use Tatango to fundraise for their campaigns or share important news updates. Although both Twilio and Tatango offer SMS message services, each one provides a different experience and is designed with a completely different user in mind. Let’s dive deeper into these differences.


Tatango vs. Twilio: User Experience

Tatango and Twilio provide different experiences to their users. Tatango is designed for a marketing professional to develop SMS marketing campaigns and easily draft and send messages through the software. As a marketing automation tool, Tatango enables marketers to segment audiences, build out multiple campaigns in advance, and pull reports to examine data and help guide changes to current and future campaigns.

With Twilio, developers can build integrations using their messaging API. For example, if a company wants their app to include a texting feature that notifies customers about their orders and shipments via SMS, the company’s developers can utilize Twilio’s API instead of creating that feature from scratch.

Both Tatango and Twilio allow companies to communicate to customers via text message, but they’re created for different use cases and offer very different user experiences. If you’re a marketing professional looking to add the SMS channel into your marketing toolbox, Tatango would be a better option for you.


Tatango vs. Twilio: Security

Tatango is a platform that many marketing professionals utilize. We take on responsibility for the security of the product and for maintaining and updating it. Various organizations and political candidates use our services for fundraising, so safely storing personal data and protecting client information is a crucial priority at Tatango. Since we don’t offer the customization flexibility you could get from an API like Twilio, we can create an extremely secure SMS marketing platform for our users.

Tatango has the highest level of security in the SMS marketing industry, so you don’t have to worry about data leaks or security breaches.

Tatango-has-the-highest-level-of-security-in-the-SMS-marketing (1)


Tatango vs. Twilio: Speed

When organizations send marketing campaigns, they typically have large subscriber lists and prefer that their messages are delivered at a particular time of day. For example, after an important campaign event, on voting day, or before a fundraising deadline. Speed makes a difference here. Tatango can send 100,000 texts per minute and 6 million per hour. The Tatango platform is 33 times faster than its closest competitor—and we’re always working on making it even quicker.



Tatango vs. Twilio: Reliability

As mentioned earlier, Tatango is a very secure platform that many politicians and notable organizations trust for fundraising. We’re also extremely fast at sending SMS messages. But, did you know that security and speed are just part of the reliability equation? Complying with communication laws established by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and abiding by the guidelines of the CTIA is vital to reliable SMS messaging.

We take laws and guidelines very seriously and have built our platform to ensure that our clients aren’t breaking the law or eschewing guidelines set by the wireless carriers. If your company violates any communication laws or guidelines, it’s at risk of facing costly fines and suspension by the wireless carriers. If you partner with an SMS software provider that doesn’t follow the law, your organization will also be liable for fines and penalties. We ensure deliverability while helping our clients with the ins and outs of TCPA compliance.


Tatango vs. Twilio: Customer Service

Twilio is an API service that helps developers create a variety of SMS marketing experiences for their organization. With a higher level of control and flexibility comes a higher degree of responsibility that falls on developers. They must make changes, maintain updates, and often troubleshoot issues. To the average marketer, that kind of responsibility can be slightly terrifying! Tatango is an out-of-the-box solution, and as the creators of the platform, our organization has the answer to every question and can help you troubleshoot any issues.

Tatango assigns a success manager to each client to guide them to SMS marketing success. Our success managers are experts in the Tatango platform and SMS marketing best practices and guarantee that every question is always answered.

Raising Political Donations Using Tatango 1


Learn More About SMS Marketing With Tatango

We hope the information in this blog post helped you get one step closer to identifying your organization’s ideal SMS messaging platform. If you need more clarification on how Tatango and Twilio differ, we invite you to watch this short video.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about how the Tatango platform can help your company achieve its SMS marketing goals, we invite you to schedule a time to talk with one of our SMS marketing experts.

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