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Top 3 Security Features Every SMS Marketing Software Should Have

One of the biggest concerns for any text message marketer is if someone gains unauthorized access to their text message marketing campaigns. With that access, someone could download your customer’s mobile phone numbers — or worse — send an unauthorized message to all of the subscribers on your list. Could you imagine?! That could be pretty disastrous for your brand.

Fortunately at Tatango, we’re not taking any chances. What do we do to protect our customers? Well, it’s a three-pronged approach.


1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Top 3 Security Features Every SMS Marketing Software Should Have - 2FA
First up is two-factor authentication, which is an extra layer of protection that ensures the security of online accounts, beyond just a username and password. A username and password is a decent first line of defense, but passwords are hacked all the time these days, so we wanted to ensure that if your password got into the wrong hands, then your text message marketing program wouldn’t be at risk.

At Tatango, any account can activate two-factor authentication for both themselves and any sub-users on the account. When activated,  users who login to the text message marketing software will receive a two-factor authentication message sent to your mobile phone with a code. The code then is simply retyped into the computer, and access is granted to the software. This step takes only 10 extra seconds, but it ensures that even if someone were to get access to any of your user’s passwords, they couldn’t login and access your account. Research shows that multi-factor authentication is one of the biggest hacker obstacles, so we couldn’t imagine not having it in place for our clients.


2. Secure Sending

Top 3 Security Features Every SMS Marketing Software Should Have - Secure Sending
The second precaution that we have in place is secure sending. Any account can activate secure sending for both themselves and any sub-users on the account. Secure sending requires a user to re-enter their account password before completing a send to their list.

This ensures that if you step away from your desk for a few minutes — even just to get a cup of coffee or take a call — that if someone gained access to your computer, they wouldn’t be able to send a text message without your password.

That’s especially important because if you have a text message all queued up, you don’t want someone being able to mess it up or add faulty information before pressing send. A text message only sends if a user enters the correct password into the prompt.


3. Automated Logout

Top 3 Security Features Every SMS Marketing Software Should Have - Auto Logout
The third precaution that we put in place for Tatango accounts is automated logouts. That means that if your computer is sitting at your desk or in a coffee shop, and you haven’t used Tatango in a while, you will be automatically logged out of the text message marketing service to protect your account from being accessed by unauthorized people. This prevents unwanted people from gaining access to your subscriber information or sending unwanted text messages.


Securing Your Text Message Marketing Program

These are just a few of the ways that we’re always looking out for our customers here at Tatango. If you have questions, or want to see a demo of how this all works, we invite you to talk to one of our text message marketing experts. We would love to show you how it works, and the efforts and expertise we put in place to protect our clients.

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