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SMS Marketing Case Study: Reebok

Reebok is an American footwear and apparel company specializing in fitness, running, and CrossFit sportswear. While they offer a variety of athletic products, they’re best known for their footwear. So how does a sports footwear retailer use text message marketing? Let’s take a closer look.


Reebok SMS Messaging Examples

We’re going to analyze Reebok’s text message marketing program, looking at the copy, formatting, media, and blend of SMS and MMS. The examples themselves are pulled from smsarchives.com, where you can explore more SMS marketing examples from Reebok and other brands.

Reebok Text Message Marketing Example 1


In the first example, Reebok takes advantage of MMS messaging. MMS messaging differs from SMS messaging because of the inclusion of media. This message opens and closes with an image. The first image is a stylishly composed collage of products and athletic men using those products. The marketing design here is obvious: Reebok is appealing to its consumer base by stoking their consumers’ aspirations of becoming such an athlete.

The second image is a simple, unedited visual representation of Reebok’s product. Bookending the text message with two visual resources allows for both an emotional appeal and a rational one—the aspirational first image, and the descriptive second one.

The text message itself is very concise. Reebok identifies itself and describes the product—and that’s it. The message doesn’t include a link to a webpage, coupon code, or text message assistance commands or disclaimers. In this case, Reebok leans heavily on brand recognition, product quality, and reputation in its text messaging.


Reebok Text Message Marketing Example 2

reebok text message marketing example

The second example of Reebok’s text message marketing more closely follows classic SMS coupon code message formatting. The message opens with a self-identifying tag, a small reminder that some consumers might find helpful if they haven’t saved Reebok’s short code on their phone.

Reebok then leverages pop culture by using slang to describe a 40% off site-wide sale. This particular deal is an incredible value for any customer. Reebok includes a code for the deal and a link to their website. The code and link provide three valuable things: convenient instant access for the consumer and click-through and coupon code tracking data for Reebok. This message benefits both parties—the consumer gets a great deal, and the brand gets helpful marketing data and a good conversion rate.


Reebok Text Message Marketing Example 3

reebok SMS marketing example

The third example is unique for Reebok and is very different from most companies’ messaging. Instead of promoting a deal, product, or sale, Reebok uses this message to promote a partner’s business or service. This type of message accomplishes several things. First, it draws attention to Reebok’s website, where the full article is posted. It also helps develop and encourage professional partnerships and sponsorships. Lastly, it allows Reebok to frame itself not only as a retailer but also as a general athletics partner for its customers. Adding that unique value can help Reebok stand apart from competitors.


Reebok and TCPA Compliance

Reebok uses short code keyword subscription commands for most of their text message marketing campaigns. These codes are displayed on marketing materials and opt-in is mentioned at point-of-sale checkout. Once customers opt in, Reebok promotes coupons, deals, and other campaigns via text. Customers can opt out using an unsubscribe link included in the messaging or by contacting Reebok’s customer service department or data protection team.


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

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