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QSR SMS Advertising Example – Smashburger

Smashburger Logo

Not only is Smashburger doing a phenomenal job at cooking up tasty burgers across the United States, but they’re also doing a phenomenal job when it comes to advertising their QSR (quick service restaurant) SMS campaign to customers. How good of a job, let us show you!

When you walk into Smashburger, the first thing you see is the sign below, instructing you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333 to join the Smashclub. It doesn’t stop there though, continue down the page to see more of how this QSR is advertising their SMS campaign in their restaurants.

Restaurant SMS Advertising Example - Sign

After purchasing a tasty Smashclub burger, the restaurant’s receipts also instruct you as a customer to text SMASH to 21333. Want more examples of brands that are using their customer receipts to advertise their SMS campaigns, check out how Chipotle is doing it here, or even Ace Hardware here.

Restaurant SMS Advertising Example - Receipt

Then after you’ve sat down at your table inside this restaurant, you’ll see a table card, again advertising to customers to text SMASH to 21333 to join their restaurant’s SMS advertising campaign.

Restaurant SMS Advertising Example

Smashburgers is doing a great job as you can see above in using all available in-restaurant advertising options, and is a great example for any QSR looking to start advertising their SMS campaign to their own customers. Are you a full service restaurant or quick service restaurant interested in SMS marketing? Check out some of our most popular restaurant SMS marketing posts below.


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