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QSR Mobile Marketing Campaign Generates 19% Redemption Rate

QSR Mobile Marketing Campaign

Are you a quick service restaurant (QSR) looking to boost sales through a mobile marketing campaign? Did you know that other QSR brands like Carl’s Jr. are seeing up to a 19% redemption rate when using text messages to advertise to their customers? It’s true!

Check out the text message below sent to Carl’s Jr. customers on May 14, 2013, in which they offer a $6 burger combo for only $2.99. Not only did this specific text message campaign get a 19% redemption rate, Carl’s Jr. generated $14 in new sales for every $1 they spent on this campaign. Makes sense though, as most consumers who participate in mobile offer programs want pricing based offers, according to this study. That’s a pretty good return on investment if you ask me!

Quick Service Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Carl’s Jr. isn’t alone though in achieving some pretty impressive QSR mobile marketing results. QSR brands like Texas Roadhouse have seen an average 17% redemption rate from their text message campaigns,  and so has Papa Murphy’s.

Concerned that your QSR brand won’t be able to get customers to opt-in to your new mobile marketing campaign? Check out this text message marketing case study from Taco Bell, and see how they gained 13,000 new mobile subscribers in only 5 weeks. Pretty impressive huh?

Interested in starting a text message marketing campaign for your own QSR? Let the experts at Tatango help you grow your mobile subscribers, and most importantly, generate new sales through your text message marketing efforts.


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