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SMS Marketing Advice – Top 6 SMS Promotions

One of the most common questions we get from brands using SMS marketing is what should we be sending our SMS subscribers? Well instead of listening to us, we suggest asking consumers what they want to receive. To save you some time, our good friends at Responsys actually asked consumers this exact question. Well actually they asked consumers “if you were to receive the following types of offers on your mobile device, how likely is each to trigger an action on your part?”

You can see below what types of SMS promotions consumers said were most likely to trigger a consumer action. Click on the image to enlarge.

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To simplify things, I extracted the “Likely” response percentages from the graph and recorded them below.

  • Pricing-based Offers: 66%
  • Time-sensitive offers: 52%
  • Location-based offers: 50%
  • Product-based offers: 47%
  • Similar product-based offers: 45%
  • A very general offer: 31%

My advice, if 66% of consumers report that a pricing-based SMS promotion will likely trigger them to take an action, and only 31% of consumers say that a very general offer intended for the masses will trigger an action, I’d send more pricing-based SMS promotions than general offers to your SMS subscribers. Need more help trying to figure out what to send to your SMS subscribers? Contact the SMS marketing advice experts at Tatango here.


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