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Texas Roadhouse Averages 17% SMS Redemption Rates

Texas Roadhouse Text Messaging Campaign

It seems like seventeen is a popular number in text message marketing, or at least when it comes to text message redemption rates. We recently wrote about a Papa Murphy’s text messaging campaign that experienced redemption rates as high as 17%, and now Texas Roadhouse is joining this exclusive club, after generating an average 17% redemption rate during the first six months of their campaign.

The Texas Roadhouse text messaging campaign was advertised within 20 Texas Roadhouse restaurant locations, and branded as their “TextUs Loyalty Club”. To encourage customers to opt-in, Texas Roadhouse offered a free appetizer to new TextUs Loyalty Club members. This tactic is extremely popular with new text messaging campaigns, as 44% of customers are willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number, in exchange for a reward, coupon or deal.

A concern that many restaurants like Texas Roadhouse have when offering such an attractive promotion to encourage customers to join a mobile loyalty program is the retention of those new mobile phone numbers. How many customers will opt-in to the mobile loyalty program to get the initial promotion, then just opt-out? It’s actually a pretty small percentage from what we found, usually hovering around 2.3%.

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