SMS Marketing Examples

Chipotle Uses Receipt To Promote SMS Call To Action

While we’ve always been pretty critical of the blunders that Chipotle has made over the last couple of years in the execution of their SMS campaigns (see here for an example), we have to give them credit when they get something right. What did they get right? They nailed the whole concept of needing to advertise an SMS call to action everywhere, and we mean everywhere!

See below for the ingenious place that Chipotle advertised their most recent SMS call to action. I don’t think in my six years in SMS marketing I’ve ever seen an SMS call to action on a customer receipt, so a big thumbs up to Chipotle for finding and capitalizing on this advertising space.

Chipotle Text Message

Do you have an SMS call to action that is being advertised in a unique place? Drop us a message and we’ll feature it on our blog. Again, good work Chipotle and lets hope this is a sign that we’ll see more good stuff coming from your SMS efforts in the near future.


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