SMS Marketing Statistics

Restaurant SMS Marketing Lists Avg 791 Subscribers

Restaurant SMS Marketing

Do you need more proof that an SMS marketing can bring lots of customers in to your restaurant? The folks over at Cellit have crunched some numbers and found out just how quickly a good SMS marketing campaign can grow, especially in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry.

The study examined 9,000 QSR restaurant SMS marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of 125 clients over the span of one year. They found that the average restaurant SMS marketing campaign had 791 SMS subscribers per location. With text message open rates just shy of 100%, that’s a lot of customers reading each and every SMS marketing campaign you send.

Are you a restaurant in the QSR industry that is looking to launch an SMS marketing campaign like both Subway and Taco Bell have done to stellar results? Get in touch with the restaurant SMS marketing experts at Tatango and let us help your restaurant launch a successful SMS marketing campaign.

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