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Subway Uses Text Messaging to Grow Email Subscribers

Looking for a good way to grow your email list? Have you tried using text messaging to collect your customer’s email addresses?  If not, check out how our friends below at Subway are using text messaging to grow their email lists.

Using text messaging to grow email list

To collect email addresses from their SMS campaign, subway provisioned the dedicated short code 782929 and had customers text their email address and store number to that short code. The best part is that when customers text their email address to the short code 782929, Subway is not only growing their email subscribers, but their also growing their mobile subscribers. I call that a win-win solution for any marketing manager.

Want to learn how to collect email addresses from a text message like Subway is doing? Give our SMS experts a call at (206) 274-6599, or drop us a message and let us show you how to grow your email list with the help of text messaging.


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