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Study Reveals Benchmark For Retail SMS Marketing Lists

Benchmark statistics for retail SMS Marketing Lists

When starting a retail SMS campaign, a question you may have is, “How big will my SMS marketing list get?” Obviously this is an important question when running an SMS campaign, as this has a direct impact on both the success and cost of the campaign. A recent survey by the folks at Cellit have the answer, or at least a good answer if you already have an email marketing list: They found that a retail SMS marketing list on average should be between 2 and 10 percent of your email marketing list.

The survey studied both large and small retailers and found that large retailers in relation to their email marketing lists actually tended to have a much lower percent of people on their SMS marketing lists, in comparison to smaller retailers. The reason is larger companies accumulate a much higher volume of old and bad email addresses that don’t get purged, resulting in a lower overall percentage of their SMS campaign lists.

With that 2 to 10 percent retail benchmark in mind, where does your SMS marketing list size fall in comparison to your email list? If you’re at the low end, you may want to read this recent article we wrote about how to grow your SMS subscribers, as we disclose one of the top secrets to growing any SMS list.

And don’t forget, if you need help growing your SMS list, reach out to the experts at Tatango and let us help you grow your list, no matter what size your email marketing list is or what industry you’re in.

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