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GUESS Uses Website To Advertise SMS Campaign

Here’s another big-name brand to add to the list of companies using their websites to get more subscribers to their text message alerts: GUESS Clothing

For companies like GUESS, using their website to get more subscribers for their text message alerts is incredibly important, that’s why so many other brands are choosing to do so too. Getting customers to sign up for text alerts online also lets them collect other important information that they may have a tougher time collecting in a text message opt-in, like the customers’ gender or zip code.

Guess text message campaign call to action

Why is collecting that type of information about a mobile subscriber so important in running a successful text alert campaign? With brands like GUESS, who have two very different types of customers, male and female, who buy very different types of clothing, it’s essential that each GUESS text message alerts are sent to the appropriate gender. By sending gender-specific text message alerts, GUESS obviously will receive much higher redemption rates for each promotion than if they were sending the same promotion to both males and females.

After signing up for the text message alerts, customers receive a text message from the GUESS’ SMS short code 48377, asking the customer to confirm they want to receive text message alerts from GUESS.  Other companies like Charlotte Russe and Zip Car are doing the same kind of double opt-in SMS confirmation, which is required by mobile carriers.

GUESS Text Message Alert

Want to learn how you can use customer information such as a zipcode or gender to better target your text message alerts? Get in touch with the team at Tatango and let us show you the different options we have to target your text message promotions and in-turn increase your redemption rates.


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