SMS Marketing Examples

Charlotte Russe SMS Club Advertised on Website

I think larger brands are starting to realize that the more screen real estate on their website they can give to their text messaging clubs, the more mobile subscribers they’ll be able to acquire. A great example is what Charlotte Russe has done on their own website, where they’ve included their text message club call to action right within the header.  See below.

Charlotte Russe Text Message Club

Once someone has inputed their mobile phone number into the website, they receive the following double opt-in SMS confirmation required by the wireless carriers.

Charlotte Russe SMS Club Example

If you’re looking for other examples of brands using their websites to advertise their text messaging clubs, check out the examples from Seattle Sun TanJack in the Box, or the many companies featured in this gallery. This growing trend of large companies promoting their text messaging clubs in big ways are a sign of the power text message marketing holds.

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