SMS Marketing Examples

Macy’s Text-to-Win Contest Promoted In-Store

If you want customers to participate in your text-to-win campaign,  you have to give the campaign the exposure that it deserves. Macy’s took this advice to heart when advertising their most recent text-to-win SMS campaign for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree with Caprice Willard, one of the buyers for Macy’s on NBC’s Fashion Star television show.

Macy's Text-To-Win SMS campaign - Fashion Star

Macy’s shoppers who want to “Shop like a star,” can text-to-win by texting the SMS keyword “FASHIONSTAR” to the short code number 62297. Or, for those shoppers that have a QR code scanner on their mobile device, they can scan the QR code.

Macy's SMS Campaign Advertisement

Looking to run your own Text-to-Win SMS Campaign, we always advise our new clients at Tatango to look to large retailers like Macy’s to get ideas for how to advertise your own SMS campaign. Many times, the ideas and techniques used by large retailers when advertising their SMS campaigns can be used by other retailers, no matter how big or small they are.


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