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Zip Car Launches Text Message Driving Deals

Zip Car announced today the launch of text message driving deals for customers in both the United States and Canada. You can see the email below, or click here to view it. This is great news for Zip Car drivers (like me), because of the awesome deals they’re going to offer, in addition to the SMS marketing industry (me again), as it’s great exposure for this type of marketing medium.

Zip Car Text Messages

To sign up for Zip Car text message driving deals, you must first be a Zip Car customer. Once you’re a customer, login to your account, and select the “Contact Me” tab. Within that tab, you will see a new option at the very bottom of the screen, to “Text Me” sweet driving deals. You can see a screenshot of my Zip Car account below, and of course I selected this option, I love text messaging!

Zip Car Text Messaging Settings

Zip Car uses a double opt-in method through their short code 74657, with a simple “Yes” response to confirm the driver’s mobile phone number, as you can see below. If it was my campaign, I would have confirmed the driver’s mobile phone number a little differently though.

I would have requiring drivers to text a unique code specific to them, found within their account, to the short code 74657. This would in-turn activate and confirm the driver’s mobile phone number, without¬†the chance for human error and sending a confirmation text message to the wrong mobile phone number. What do you think, which way makes the most sense to you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Overall though, awesome use of text messaging and I can’t wait to receive my first Zip Car text message promotion!

Zip Car Text Message

To learn more about Zip Car text message driving deals, click here.

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