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Tatango Launches Enterprise SMS Marketing Solution

Tatango Enterprise SMS Marketing Software

I’m excited today to announce the launch of TatangoPlus, our enterprise SMS marketing solution. The journey to get us here started back in early 2011, when our team started seeing an overwhelming amount of demand from a market segment that we had never intended our product for, the enterprise customer. At this point we had never even considered the enterprise customer, as our focus since 2007 had always been on building the perfect SMS marketing platform for the SMB (small and medium size businesses) customer.

During that time, Tatango had neither the support infrastructure, nor the features that enterprise customers were looking for, so we found ourselves constantly recommending other SMS platforms that specialized in servicing enterprise customers. Little did we know that in just a couple months, we would be hearing from many of those same enterprise customers that we had recommended elsewhere — not reaching out to thank us, but to complain about our recommendations. The complaints ranged from the disappointments over the level of service they were receiving, to the clunky, outdated, bloated software they were being forced to use. We weren’t just recommending one enterprise SMS platform either, we were hearing the same complaints no matter which platform we recommended.

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At this point, these disgruntled enterprise customers were almost begging us to take them as their client. To avoid another bad recommendation on our part, we would reluctantly agree and start helping them provision their own short codes. Once we provisioned their short code, we would assign them someone in the office to be their dedicated account manager, which we used very loosely. We would also build a few features here and there as they requested. At this point we didn’t even have a pricing model for these enterprise customers, so many times we would simply ask them what they were willing to pay, and wrote that number on their invoice. It was simple, but it was working.*

It was working so well that these enterprise customers were actually happy with the services and products we were offering, and we continued to add new enterprise clients to our platform. It’s at this point we started to internally call this managed offering “TatangoPlus”, and hired additional staff to provide the needed dedicated account management these customers required.

Six months later, we’ve finally found the time to publicly announce TatangoPlus. In celebration, we set up a dedicated enterprise phone number 1 (888) 517-6345 today, in addition to launching a special area on the website just for our enterprise customers.

In addition to announcing the launch of TatangoPlus today, we’re also welcoming another needed hand to our support team, Micah, as she’ll be helping the rest of the support team keep up with your chats, emails and phone calls here at Tatango.


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