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12 Best Text-to-Donate Platforms to Accelerate Fundraising

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Picture this: your nonprofit is putting together an annual fundraising strategy to accelerate your mission. You have some fundraising tools and best practices in your pocket, but nothing has been getting you the results you need quickly enough to maximize giving. Why not tap into the vast fundraising and engagement opportunities that come with text-to-donate? 

Text-to-donate is a convenient way for donors to give right from their smartphones. All your supporters have to do is opt into your messages, click on the link to your mobile-friendly donation page, and submit their donation.

To add text-to-donate to your fundraising strategy, you need the right text fundraising software. Here’s our roundup of the top text-to-give platforms to streamline your search:

  1. Tatango – Best Text-to-Donate Platform Overall
  2. Double the Donation – Best Text-to-Donate Service for Matching Gifts
  3. Trumpia – Best Text-to-Donate Service for Automation
  4. SlickText – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Built-In Workflows
  5. Twilio – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Multichannel Engagement
  6. BurstSMS – Best Text-to-Give Provider for Managing Contacts
  7. QGiv – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Continued Engagement
  8. SecureGive – Best Text-to-Give Service for Recurring Giving
  9. Flocknote – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Online Giving
  10. Aplos – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Secure Giving
  11. GivingFuel – Best Text-to-Give Platform for Efficiency
  12. CharityEngine – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Mass Texting

Armed with the support of a comprehensive text-to-donate solution, you’ll be well on your way to securing more gifts and strengthening donor relationships. Let’s dive into our favorite solutions and key tips for choosing the right provider for your nonprofit.

Tatango is the premier text-to-donate platform for nonprofits.

1. Tatango – Best Text-to-Donate Platform Overall

Overview of this text-to-donate platform

Whether you’re hoping to use text-to-give to supplement the income you earn from fundraising events or run an annual text fundraising campaign, Tatango has all the tools and features you need to reach your goals.

Tatango is the leading text-to-give provider for nonprofits who want to establish a predictable donation pipeline and reach new fundraising heights. Since its founding in 2007, Tatango has helped organizations raise over $500 million to give back to their communities.

Tatango simplifies all aspects of running a text fundraising campaign, empowering your nonprofit to design inspiring campaigns and share custom appeals, updates, thank yous, and more multimedia messages to inspire giving at scale. With text’s 99% open rate and 90% read rate, it’s time your nonprofit starts leveraging the power of text fundraising with the best technology on the market, Tatango!

Top features

Tatango offers a full suite of intuitive features to help nonprofits like yours boost their reach and revenue, including:

Look for these key features in a text-to-donate platform.


Between running engaging fundraising events and stewarding supporter relationships, your nonprofit has a full plate. With Tatango’s automation, you can reduce your administrative burden and streamline tasks. For example, you can automate welcome messages for new subscribers, thank-you messages right after donors give, and event reminders to create excitement.


Using Tatango’s robust segmentation capabilities, your nonprofit can divide its contact list into multiple groups to create highly personalized communications. For example, you can segment your audience by recency of opting into your campaign, donation ARF (amount, recency, and frequency), location, philanthropic interests, history of involvement, and any other relevant factors.

Fast messaging speeds

When your nonprofit is operating under tight deadlines, you need your appeals to reach your supporters within just moments of sending the message. Tatango’s capabilities enable nonprofits to send up to 2,000 messages per second (or about 7 million messages per hour!). Compare this to other text-to-donate providers that usually offer a maximum messaging speed of 6,000 MPM, positioning Tatango as the best platform to reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of subscribers in the blink of an eye!


Tatango has obtained both Type 1 and Type 2 SOC-2 compliance, meaning it adheres to the highest standards of data security, trust, and confidentiality for your nonprofit and its donors. Tatango also uses two-factor authentication, secure sending, and automated logout to safeguard your text messaging campaigns from unauthorized users and activity while also protecting your supporters’ valuable data.

Data reporting and analytics

Tatango provides a 360-degree view into each text message’s performance, letting you know exactly how many people opened a given message, clicked on your donation page link or other relevant resource, and donated. Plus, you’ll be able to view the number of donations earned, the total donation amount raised, and the average donation amount. Using these data insights, you can adjust your messaging as needed to maximize conversions and inspire your audience.

Leverage your text-to-donate platform to automate performance reports. 

Integrations with other fundraising tools

Your nonprofit likely has several other software solutions in its toolkit. To ensure your data flows seamlessly between your text fundraising software and your other tools, Tatango offers dozens of no code integrations with popular CRMs, marketing platforms, and more. As a result, you’ll be able to organize your data, minimize reporting errors, and maximize efficiency.

AI-enhanced message composer

Need help drafting inspiring messages to text your supporters? Look no further than Tatango’s AI-enhanced message composer! This cutting-edge tool helps you adapt the tone of your messaging to fit the right occasion, rephrase existing copy to be more clear or emotionally compelling, and develop ideas to elevate your communications. This way, you can save time and streamline your text fundraising operations!


To learn more about Tatango’s pricing model and how this software can transform your unique nonprofit’s fundraising strategy, contact the sales team.

Work with Tatango today to transform your text-to-donate strategy. 

2. Double the Donation – Best Text-to-Donate Service for Matching Gifts

Overview of this text-to-give platform

Double the Donation is the premier matching gift software solution that helps nonprofits increase their fundraising potential without asking donors to give more. Over 26 million individuals work for companies that offer matching gifts, and chances are, your nonprofit has plenty of donors who could get their gifts doubled (or tripled) who may not even know about this opportunity.

By partnering with Double the Donation and leveraging their comprehensive matching gift database, 360MatchPro, your donors can easily look up their eligibility right on your mobile-friendly donation form when they go to submit their mobile donation. This way, your nonprofit won’t have to leave any money on the table and can grow your text fundraising potential in no time.

Top features

Double the Donation empowers nonprofits to take advantage of corporate giving initiatives and grow their text fundraising strategy with the following features:

  • Auto-submission: Traditionally, your donors would have to fill out lengthy and time-consuming forms to get their gifts matched by their employers, which can deter them from going through this process altogether. Double the Donation instead offers auto-submission, which allows supporters to simply submit a few pieces of information. Then, the software will send off the request on their behalf, speeding up the process entirely.
  • Data reporting: Quickly generate automated reports letting you know how many of your donors are match-eligible, which donors are in the process of giving, and where your biggest opportunities are to maximize giving. Double the Donation makes it simple to make informed decisions on optimizing your matching gift strategy at any point.
  • Automated emails: Remind supporters of your matching gift opportunities with automated emails that educate them about this amazing opportunity to double their donations at no additional expense. This is an easy way for your text-to-give donors to play a more fulfilling role in your nonprofit’s journey.

Text-to-give is a lucrative opportunity on its own, but by pairing it with a matching gift database, you can maximize the number of fundraising dollars you receive.


Double the Donation offers two main pricing plans depending on the size of your organization and how much you’re raising per year: the 360MatchPro Standard plan (priced at $1,500/year) and the 360MatchPro Enterprise plan (custom pricing). See Double the Donation’s pricing page for more details.

3. Trumpia – Best Text-to-Donate Service for Automation

Overview of this text fundraising platform

Trumpia uses advanced automation capabilities to target different audience subgroups with relevant messaging. With this text-to-donate platform, your nonprofit can set up customized workflows to respond to your subscribers with the right communications at the right time. For instance, Trumpia will help your nonprofit generate SMS drip campaigns to welcome new supporters and create auto-responses, saving your team time and energy.

Top features

Trumpia offers the following features to streamline your campaigns:

  • Autopilot mode: Take a hands-off approach to your text fundraising campaign with Trumpia’s autopilot mode. Trumpia will draw from data insights about your audience to send messages at the right time when your supporters are most likely to act on them.
  • Data capturing: Leverage Trumpia to send messages to your supporters so you can gather more information about them. Then, use their responses to craft relevant messaging that will resonate with different audiences.
  • Automated workflows: Develop different pathways for your subscribers based on how they respond to different messages. Set up specific triggers or conditions, such as whether donors act on your next donation request or not.

Trumpia can also be used to send important reminders to your staff or volunteers, such as sharing their shift times one day before, so everyone is on the same page.


Trumpia has several different pricing plans depending on the number of messages you’re hoping to send each month, with the smallest plan costing $94/month to send 3,000 SMS messages to the largest plan costing $2,527/month to send 225,000 SMS messages. Take a look at the Trumpia pricing page to learn more.

4. SlickText – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Built-In Workflows

Overview of this text fundraising service

SlickText is an SMS marketing service that comes with a variety of flexible workflows to meet your nonprofit’s messaging needs. Your nonprofit’s team will simply drag and drop objects onto a canvas to create your workflows—no coding necessary. Create automated workflows to welcome new subscribers, engage and educate donors, promote fundraising campaigns, and more.

Top features

SlickText has several features to help you build well-designed workflows, including:

  • Lead nurture tools: Cultivate relationships with prospective donors by delivering personalized and relevant communications at various stages of the supporter journey, with the workflows fully mapped out.
  • Segment filters: Using SlickText, you can design drip campaigns with segment filters, which allow your drips to be sent only if certain triggers are met or your supporters match specific characteristics. Set up segment filters to push your goals forward and ensure your automated messages make sense for where donors are in their supporter journeys.
  • Integrations: SlickText has a large library of integrations, creating a two-way flow of data between your text fundraising campaigns and your other software tools.

SlickText also allows nonprofits to create SMS surveys and collect feedback from their supporters. This can lead to helpful insight into your donors’ interests and preferences, which you can leverage to increase giving.


SlickText offers multiple packages based on the number of texts you’ll be sending per month and other key support features you’ll need, like automated workflows or one-on-one onboarding. Check out the SlickText pricing page for more information.

5. Twilio – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Multichannel Engagement

Overview of this text fundraising platform

The most successful nonprofits use multichannel marketing to get the word out about their fundraising campaigns, and the experts behind Twilio built their platform with this in mind. Twilio is an engagement platform that allows nonprofits to manage their communications across multiple digital channels with ease, including text messaging, email, and phone calls. Using real-time data from your donor interactions, Twilio makes it easy to personalize your communications.

Top features

Twilio comes with the following key features and capabilities to create multiple donor touchpoints:

  • APIs: Twilio offers several APIs that integrate with platforms like SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages so you can meet supporters on the channels where they spend most of their time.
  • Artificial intelligence insights: Twilio will automatically collect and record information about your supporters through your conversations. Then, Twilio’s AI tools will use these insights to power tailored interactions for each donor.
  • Fraud protection: This text-to-donate platform comes with built-in fraud detection tools to stop unauthorized activity in its tracks and protect your organization’s sensitive data. Plus, Twilio uses phone number verification with a single API endpoint to validate users.

If your nonprofit is hoping to pair SMS marketing with other channels, Twilio can help you maximize your reach.


Twilio uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model for its SMS texting options. View the Twilio pricing page to learn more.

6. BurstSMS – Best Text-to-Give Provider for Managing Contacts

Overview of this text-to-donate provider

BurstSMS serves as an SMS command center, helping nonprofits organize their text messaging campaigns all from one central location. Specifically, this platform makes it simple to upload and manage large contact lists so you can boost retention and send relevant messaging to your different subgroups. All you have to do is log into their convenient online platform and use their built-in tools to organize powerful campaigns—with no additional software setup necessary.

Top features

BurstSMS makes organizing your nonprofit’s contacts a simple process with the following capabilities:

  • Multiple list uploading options: Import contact lists from diverse sources, including your CRM, email marketing platform, or other fundraising software. This way, you can grow your subscriber list using implied consent from supporters who previously gave their phone numbers to your organization.
  • Opt-out list: One of the requirements under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is that organizations must enable users to opt out and honor their decision. BurstSMS automatically adds all subscribers who opt out to a global opt-out list so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending them messages.
  • Segmentation: BurstSMS allows your nonprofit to break down your contacts into multiple groups, based on factors like demographics or interests, to increase the likelihood that your messages resonate with different audiences.

BurstSMS also comes with hundreds of marketing resources and templates to educate team leaders and ensure your campaigns adhere to best practices.


BurstSMS uses flexible pre-pay options depending on the number of SMS messages you send out. See the BurstSMS pricing guide for more details.

7. QGiv – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Continued Engagement

Overview of this text fundraising service

QGiv is a text-to-donate platform that aims to create a modern giving experience for your nonprofit’s team and donors. Built with innovation in mind, QGiv makes it easy to build donor relationships and encourage ongoing engagement with a variety of tools, including automation, pledge giving, and interactive, two-way conversations. Once donors feel inspired to give, QGiv ensures that you receive any donations in your bank account within 24 hours after being sent.

Top features

QGiv offers the following features to drive high engagement rates:

  • FundHub Live: QGiv lets your supporters view your text fundraising campaign progress in real time. On this screen, supporters can watch your fundraising thermometer fill up and view an activity feed of incoming donations and messages from donors.
  • Automated reminders: This text-to-give platform keeps your fundraising campaigns top of mind by sending out automated reminders that reiterate the purpose behind your fundraiser and why donors should give right now. Plus, QGiv will send automated pledge reminders to encourage supporters to fulfill their promise to give.
  • Data reports: Compare the success rate of your different text fundraising campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. With this information in mind, you can revamp your text messaging approach to better engage supporters.

If you have any questions about how to maximize the use of QGiv, their team offers around-the-clock live support by email or text.


QGiv offers several monthly or quarterly plans depending on the extent of the text fundraising and alternative features you’ll need, like peer-to-peer capabilities or auction management. See the QGiv pricing page to learn more.

8. SecureGive – Best Text-to-Give Service for Secure Giving

Overview of this text-to-donate platform

SecureGive is a text-to-donate platform and mobile giving app that prioritizes building trust between your supporters and your organization. As part of this focus on trust and transparency, SecureGive provides a high level of self-service to your supporters, allowing them to track their donation history and repeat any donation with the tap of a button. This helps to deepen donor relationships and increase the likelihood that they’ll give again.

Top features

SecureGive comes with the following features to strengthen connections and increase your mobile fundraising potential:

  • Donor account management: Using the SecureGive Mobile App, supporters can view an in-app dashboard that shows all their past activity in your nonprofit’s text fundraising campaigns, including the dates of their last transactions and the amounts they gave.
  • Simple recurring giving sign-up: If your donors are interested in making a repeat donation, they can do so with ease by navigating to a past donation and hitting the “Repeat Donation” button.
  • Pledge tracking: Supporters can view pledges they’ve given to your organization and easily fulfill them to push your mission forward, all from their phones.

SecureGive also offers flexible ways to give so your supporters can donate using the method that works best for them.


SecureGive offers a Basic plan with all the essential features you’ll need ($149/month), a Premium plan with bonus account management tools ($299/month), and an Enterprise plan, priced individually with custom quotes, that allows for unlimited transactions. See the SecureGive pricing page for more details.

9. Flocknote – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Online Giving

Overview of this text-to-give platform

Flocknote is a popular church text fundraising platform that aims to amplify organizations’ messaging and facilitate a positive online giving experience. Built for charitable organizations of all sizes, Flocknote assists fundraising leaders in managing their donors’ data, powering registration and event sign-ups, and reaching supporters at any time with inspiring appeals, updates, thank-you notes, and more.

Top Features

Flocknote offers these key features and capabilities to grow your text fundraising and online giving efforts:

  • Unlimited emails and texts: Reach supporters with key communications year-round without worrying about a countdown on how many messages you have left to send. Easily notify your supporters about your latest fundraising needs and facilitate seamless giving right from their phones.
  • Donor management and reporting: To optimize your online giving strategy, Flocknote empowers you to track progress on your fundraising goals and view individual donor behaviors and giving histories. With these insights, you can tailor your text-to-give communications to resonate with different donor types and increase conversions.
  • User-friendly interface: Flocknote is an intuitive platform that any nonprofit leader can leverage to their advantage, making it simple to organize and manage your text donation campaigns.

Flocknote also allows you to create two-way conversations with supporters over text to ensure everyone feels valued and seen.


Flocknote sells a Starter plan, Complete plan, and Enterprise plan, with larger organizations more suitable for the advanced offerings. Visit their pricing page to learn more.

10. Aplos – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Recurring Giving

Overview of this text fundraising service

Aplos is a text donation provider designed to encourage recurring giving so nonprofits can establish a reliable flow of donations year-round, powering their various community programs, services, and more. Allow donors to manage their gift amounts with ease with Aplos’s donation page customization and give recurring gifts anywhere, at any time, right from their phones.

All the donations earned through text-to-give will flow right through your Aplos accounting software so you always have a full picture of how your fundraising strategy is progressing.

Top features

With Aplos, your donors and organization will gain access to several valuable capabilities, including:

  • Option to give monthly: Simply set up a recurring giving option right on your mobile-friendly donation page to grow your loyal donor pool and maximize contributions over time.
  • Option to cover transaction fees: Even when your nonprofit receives a sizable donation, you might not be able to earn all of it because of transaction fees. Aplos allows you to provide an option for supporters to click to cover the fees so you can receive 100% of their one-time or recurring gift.
  • Automated receipts: Supporters will automatically receive a receipt via email within 30 minutes of submitting a text-to-donate contribution. This high level of transparency builds trust and increases the likelihood of donors giving again in the future.

Aplos also doubles as a fund accounting software solution so you can effectively track your text-to-give campaign progress, make informed budgeting decisions, and support your overall fundraising strategy to advance your nonprofit’s mission.


Aplos offers a Lite plan ($39.50/month) with basic features like donation tracking and financial reporting, a Core plan ($49.50/month) with extra capabilities like pledge tracking and partner integrations, and an Advanced plan that has the full extent of Aplos’s text-to-donate capabilities. See their pricing page for the breakdown.

11. GivingFuel – Best Text-to-Give Platform for Efficiency

Overview of this text-to-donate platform

GivingFuel is a high-speed text-to-give solution that allows you to reap the benefits of text fundraising quickly. By setting up a text-to-donate campaign with GivingFuel, donors simply text the amount they want to donate to a predetermined giving number and are sent back a quick and convenient mobile form to submit their personal details. Then, the donation is processed and transferred right to your nonprofit’s bank account.

Top features

GivingFuel makes the donation process seemingly instant and effortless with the following features:

  • Rapid giving: After texting your organization’s giving number how much they want to donate, donors are automatically sent a mobile donation form. There’s no wait time and no obstacles to submitting a mobile donation right away.
  • Simple recurring giving option: Once donors give for the first time, they can easily repeat their gifts with the press of a button, earning your nonprofit more contributions over the long term and loyal donor connections.
  • Secure donation processing: GivingFuel is PCI-compliant and uses 128 bit encryption to protect your sensitive donor information and keep your nonprofit’s reputation intact.

GivingFuel also serves as a donor management platform and CRM so you can store your mobile donors’ information and use this data to inform your relationship-building efforts moving forward.


GivingFuel offers a Starter, Pro, Enterprise, and Enterprise plus pricing plan, depending on the size of your organization and how much fundraising support you’ll need. View their pricing page for more details.

12. CharityEngine – Best Text-to-Donate Platform for Mass Texting

Overview of this text-to-give service

CharityEngine is a text donation platform that helps your nonprofit reach hundreds to thousands of supporters at once. With its enhanced mass texting capabilities, you never have to worry about messages slipping through the cracks or donors not hearing from your nonprofit for a while. Simply automate messages to reach your entire donor base and get them inspired to register for events, sign up to volunteer, or donate to advance your fundraising campaigns.

Top Features

CharityEngine comes with the following features:

  • Automation: Schedule send texts ahead of time and automate them to be sent to all of your supporters or just a portion of them using segmentation.
  • User-friendly donation experience: Once donors opt-in to your messages and you “wow” them with compelling mass texts, simply send over a user-friendly mobile donation page to capture their gifts and grow your revenue.
  • Mobile bidding: If you’re planning to host an auction, you can reach all of your supporters at once with event reminders and encourage them to submit bids right from their phones.

Along with providing text-to-give capabilities, CharityEngine is a comprehensive CRM that simplifies recording and storing important donor information. This way, you have insights into all of your text-to-give donors that you can pull from to deepen your connections.


CharityEngine offers a Standard, Professional, and Enterprise pricing plan, with each package adding more advanced features like the number of contacts you can store. Take a look at their pricing page to learn more.

How to Choose the Right Text-to-Donate Provider

Now that you’ve read through our top picks for text-to-donate providers, you might be wondering which solution is the right one for your specific needs. Keep these tips in mind so you can invest in the best provider that will add value to your nonprofit’s toolkit:

Use these tips to choose the perfect text-to-donate solutions for your nonprofit.

  • Consider your needs and goals: Think through factors such as the size of your donor base, the frequency of text fundraising campaigns you plan to host, and any unique requirements or features you may need, such as integration with existing software systems or customization options.
  • Determine your budget: Establish how much you can reasonably invest in a text-to-donate solution, taking into account upfront costs and ongoing expenses such as monthly subscription charges. Remember, the right text fundraising platform will help you earn all of this initial investment back and more.
  • Research your options: Take a deep dive into each of these text-to-donate providers’ websites and assess their customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials. This research will help you gauge user satisfaction and see if nonprofits similar to yours have found success with the platform.
  • Request a demo: Use the demo to explore the platform’s features and functionality firsthand, paying attention to user-friendliness, ease of navigation, extent of features available, and any other relevant factors. This will give you a good idea of whether this tool will provide long-term value to your organization.

The ideal text-to-donate platform will come with an all-star team to support your organization every step of the way through planning and running your text fundraising campaigns. Plus, they’ll ensure your text-to-donate campaigns are well-designed and legally compliant so you don’t run into any issues.

Tatango meets all of these requirements (and more!) to a tee. As the leading text-to-give provider available to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, Tatango has helped organizations earn an average return of 500% on their investment.

This is all made possible by their intuitive platform designed with nonprofits in mind and a full-service customer support team that is well versed in nonprofit text fundraising best practices. If you’re looking for the best text-to-donate solution to scale your organization’s fundraising strategy quickly, Tatango has you covered!

Wrapping Up

A comprehensive text-to-donate platform will give your nonprofit the support and features it needs to lead a successful text fundraising campaign. Consider your nonprofit’s needs and choose a solution that will not only provide value to your organization now but for years to come so you can maximize your ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about text-to-give and how you can boost your fundraising potential, check out these additional resources:

Leverage the best text-to-donate provider, Tatango, to maximize your giving. 

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