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22% of Retailers Using SMS to Grow Email Lists

Are you a retailer looking to capture emails in-store? Experian found that 22% of retailers are using text messaging to capture customer’s email addresses in-store. What other methods are retailers using to collect email addresses? According to the 2014 Experian report, which surveyed more than 100 of the world’s leading brands, retailers are actually using a lot of different methods to collect email addresses in-store. You can see below the different methods used by retailers to capture their customer’s email addresses, and what percentage of retailers use each method.

  • Point of Sale System (entered by sales associate): 58%
  • Point of Sale System (entered by customer): 28%
  • iPad: 27%
  • On Paper: 25%
  • Text Messaging: 22%
  • Printed Receipt: 15%
  • Via a Kiosk: 13%

Need more inspiration on how to collect customer’s email addresses using text messaging? Check out these four different restaurants using text messaging to capture patron’s email addresses.

Want to collect email addresses via text message? Tatango has partnered with over 20 of the leading email marketing providers to offer text-to-join to their customers.

Want to download Experian’s State of Cross-Channel Marketing Report, click here.

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