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Jamba Juice SMS Loyalty Program Hits 1 Million Members

Have you opted-in to Jamba Juice’s SMS loyalty program yet? If you have, you’re now in good company, as their SMS loyalty program has over 1 million subscribers. That’s pretty impressive for a chain of only approximately 287 company-owned stores and 517 franchise-operated stores in the United States of America.

If you haven’t joined Jamba Juice’s SMS loyalty program, or maybe you’re just interested in understanding how this brand has setup their SMS loyalty program, keep reading.

Jamba Juice’s SMS loyalty program starts off on a good foot, as they’re incentivizing customers to opt-in, which has been shown to increase new SMS subscribers by 500%.  The offer is for $3 off a customer’s next Jamba Juice purchase, with the offer being presented only after the account has been activated. Speaking of a customer activating their account, and joining Jamba Juice’s SMS loyalty program, the first step is to visit http://www.jambajuice.com/rewards. When you arrive on the page, Jamba Juice asks for a customer’s mobile phone number, email, and for them to create a password, as you can see in the screen capture below.

Jamba Juice SMS Loyalty Program - Sign Up

After submitting that information to Jamba Juice, customers are taken to a new page, which asks for additional customer information including their first name, last name, birthday, zip code, favorite store location, and whether their a male or female. If they wish to opt-in to the SMS loyalty program, a customer has to check the box that says “Send me messages about special offers on my mobile phone. Message & data rates apply. Text “STOP” to opt out.” You can see this step in the screen capture below.

Jamba Juice SMS Loyalty Program Opt-In

After clicking “Finish”, the customer is taken to the following web page (see image below), confirming their acceptance into the SMS loyalty program.

Jamba Juice SMS Loyalty Web Confirmation

Immediately after joining the SMS loyalty program, the customer receives a text message, asking for the customer to confirm their opt-in by replying “Y”. You can also see in the text message below that Jamba Juice is opting in new subscribers to receive text messages specifically from their favorite Jamba Juice, which they set during the opt-in process. For example, my favorite Jamba Juice location is JAMBA521. You can also join the SMS loyalty program in-store, as you can see here in this example.

Jamba Juice SMS Loyalty Text Message

How does the SMS loyalty program work when customers are in-store? At the point of sale, customers are asked to enter their mobile phone number into a computer display, as you can see in the image below.

Jamba Juice unveiled its new Jamba Insider Rewards program that allows consumers to conveniently earn rewards, personalized offers, and free products without the need to carry a rewards card. The program enables custom rewards based on an individual's previous purchase behavior, making the program not only convenient, but also tailored to their buying habits and favored menu items. Consumers can easily activate their Jamba Insider Rewards account by registering online at jamba.com/rewards. For more information, please visit www.jambajuice.com/rewards. (PRNewsFoto/Jamba Juice Company)

By customers entering their mobile phone number into the computer display, it allows Jamba Juice to track the customer’s spending habits, and reward those habits by sending SMS coupons to them, which can be redeemed in-store at the computer display after they’ve entered their mobile phone number.

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