SMS Marketing Examples

Jamba Juice Localizes SMS Club Using SMS Keywords

Jamba Juice Text Messaging Club

Are you a large franchise like Jamba Juice, looking for a way to localize your text messaging club? Have you tried creating unique SMS keywords for each location, or region? You can see in the example above that Jamba Juice has added a three digit number to each of their “Jamba” SMS keywords in an effort to segment their new text messaging club members by the location in which they joined from.

Why localize your text messaging club? Well the more localized your text messaging club is, the more targeted your promotions can be to customers, which means higher redemption rates for your text messaging club.

Want to learn how you can localize your text messaging club with unique keywords, zip code collecting, or even geo-location? Give the experts at Tatango a ring at (206) 274-6599 ext 1 or drop us a message to discuss.


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