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18 SMS Marketing Examples from Father’s Day

SMS Marketing for Fathers Day
Some of the top brands using SMS marketing send out SMS coupons each year to celebrate Father’s Day. These brands include Tommy Bahamas, JCPenney’s, Michaels, Simon Malls, Payless Shoes, and more.

It’s pretty common for brands to use holidays as a chance to promote a special offer, and doing so on Father’s Day is no different. The same thing occurs on some of the following popular US holidays.

Below is a roundup of the most popular SMS promotions sent in celebration of Father’s Day. To see more, check out all these SMS marketing examples.


1. Taco Johns Text Message

Taco John’s is a fast-food restaurant featuring Mexican-inspired fast food. It was initially founded in Wyoming, and now includes over 400 restaurants in about 27 states. Below we see them advertising their new product in their text message marketing, with a two-for-one style offer.

SMS Marketing Examples from Taco Johns for Fathers Day


2. Tommy Bahama Text Message

Tommy Bahama is a Seattle-based manufacturer of casual men’s and women’s sportswear, activewear, denim, swimwear, accessories, footwear, and home furnishings. The SMS marketing example below highlights a VIP sale offer with a STOP message, allowing the client to unsubscribe from the messaging at any time.

SMS Marketing Examples from Tommy Bahama for Fathers Day


3. Things Remembered Text Message

Things Remembered is an American retailer with hundreds of locations across the United States. Their stores specialize in personalized gifts, messaging, and engraving. The marketing text message example below is a reminder to customers that in-store pickup is available and prominently leverages Father’s Day as an incentive.

SMS Marketing Examples from Things Remembered for Fathers Day


4. Simon Malls Text Message

Simon Malls is a real estate investment trust engaged in the ownership of premier shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destinations. They own malls across the United States. Their text message below is presenting a link to a list of Father’s Day gift ideas.

SMS Marketing Examples from Simon Malls for Fathers Day


5. Payless Shoes Text Message

Payless is an international discount footwear chain. The SMS marketing example below promotes a sandal sale, leveraging capitalization to draw attention to key parts of the text.

SMS Marketing Examples from Payless Shoes for Fathers Day


6. Michaels Text Message

Michaels is North America’s largest provider of arts, crafts, and DIY merchandise, operating more than 1,250 stores. The series of marketing text messages below are framed as solutions to a consumer’s potential problems—in this case, Father’s Day gifts. They provide a short suggestion, a promo code, and a link relevant to the message.

SMS Marketing Examples from Michaels for Fathers Day


7. MGM Grand Hotel Text Message

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the largest single hotel in the United States, and is the third-largest hotel complex in the world. As an already well-known establishment, the MGM Grand utilizes its text message marketing more as a reminder of the hotel’s existence, likely to make consumers think about the fun to be had at their location, making them more inclined to visit again.

SMS Marketing Examples from MGM Grand Hotel for Fathers Day


8. Mandalay Bay Hotel Text Message

The Mandalay Bay is a 43-floor hotel resort on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, owned by MGM Growth Properties. The SMS message below presents a suggestion for a Father’s Day gift in the form of a discounted trip and benefits.

SMS Marketing Examples from Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino for Fathers Day


9. JCPenney’s Text Message

JCPenney’s is an American department store chain with 865 locations in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. They sell merchandise such as covering jewelry, cosmetics, and clothing. Their text message marketing, depicted below, emphasizes both coupon codes and links inviting consumers to buy online.

SMS Marketing Examples from JC Penny for Fathers Day


10. Hooters Text Message

Hooters is an American restaurant and entertainment chain spanning the United States. The SMS marketing message below is highlighting a purchasing deal on a set date, with details regarding unsubscribing at the end.

SMS Marketing Examples from Hooters for Fathers Day


11. Hibbett Text Message

Hibbett Sporting Goods is a sporting goods retailer headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Their text messaging noticeably features neither an external link nor an unsubscribe command, keeping the message entirely focused on the promotion.

SMS Marketing Examples from Hibbett for Fathers Day


12. Family Dollar Text Message

Family Dollar is an American variety store chain; it is the second largest retailer of its type in the United States. The example of their SMS marketing below contains a description of the promotion, a prompt to receive a coupon code (which keeps the initial message clean and legible) and an external link promising more deals.

SMS Marketing Examples from Family Dollar for Fathers Day


13. Earth Fare Text Message

Earth Fare is an American health and wellness supermarket with 50 locations across the southeastern and midwestern United States. The SMS message example below interestingly separates the unsubscribe command from the main message with a significant amount of space, which allows the promotion to stand on its own.

SMS Marketing Examples from Earthfare for Fathers Day


14. Dunhams Text Message

Dunhams Sports is a regional sporting goods superstore chain in the United States. They focus on athletic clothing, equipment, firearms, and other sporting goods. This marketing text message contains multiple links to promotions, an unsubscribe option, and a short disclaimer.

SMS Marketing Examples from Dunhams for Fathers Day


15. Dick’s Sporting Goods Text Message

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an American sporting goods retail company based in Pennsylvania. Their text message marketing is a simple combination of a promotion and a hyperlink to additional content on the web.

SMS Marketing Examples from Dicks Sporting Good for Fathers Day


16. Caribou Text Message

Caribou Coffee Company is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Their SMS message example focuses on a short promotion, followed by a condensed unsubscribe disclaimer.

SMS Marketing Examples from Caribou Coffee for Fathers Day


17. Belk Text Message

Belk is an American department store chain, with nearly 300 locations in 16 states. Belk offers apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and wedding registries. Their SMS message describes a Father’s Day sale in detail, including the promotional code directly. It also comes with a link to additional content and an unsubscribe command.

SMS Marketing Examples from Belk for Fathers Day


18. Ace Hardware Text Message

Ace Hardware is an American hardware retail chain. It is the world’s largest hardware retail cooperative, and the largest non-grocery American retail cooperative. Their text message marketing is short and simple: a quick promotion with an external link and an unsubscribe option.

SMS Marketing Examples from Ace Hardware for Fathers Day


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