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Why Do Customers Opt-in to SMS Marketing?

Why do customers opt-in to a businesses SMS marketing campaign? While there are many different reasons a customer will opt-in to an SMS marketing campaign, our good friends at BlueHornet have dug up some consumer insight from their 2014 Consumer Views of Email Marketing Report, which will tell us exactly why consumers opt-in for SMS marketing.

As you can see in the chart below, 49% of customers are interested in opting into an SMS marketing program for one reason or another. The biggest reason why customers opt-in to SMS marketing? 29.9% of customers said that receiving coupons was the main reason why they would opt-in to a businesses SMS marketing. As you can see from the chart below, the other reasons for subscribing to receive SMS messages from a business such as to receive information (7.3%), event notifications (6.7%), and even to sign up for contests (4.6%), don’t come even close to customers signing up to receive coupons.

It’s interesting to note that the data regarding what percentage of customers are interested in receiving text messages from a business, matches up very closely to the data from HipCricket’s 2011 consumer study, which showed that 57% of consumers were interested in receiving text messages from their favorite brands.

SMS Marketing Opt-In Statistics

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The data in the graph above came from was BlueHornet, with assistance from Flagship Research. The survey was administered by Flagship to a national panel of 1,308 consumers between the ages of 18 and 75 distributed evenly between women and men across East, Midwest and Western regions of the United States; 64.5% of whom are employed and 72.3% with a household income over $35,000.

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