Text Message Marketing Case Studies

8% of Cabela’s SMS Opt-Ins Occur Online

In June of 2014, Cabela’s did something interesting with their text message marketing campaign. By using different SMS keywords to advertise their text messaging campaign in-store and online, the retailer was able to determine how many customers were opting in after seeing the text messaging campaign advertised in-store, compared to online. What were the results?

92% of customers that opted-in to Cabela’s text message marketing campaign were attributed to the retailers in-store advertising efforts, where 8% of text message opt-ins were attributed to the retailers online advertising efforts. You can see how Cabela’s advertised their text messaging campaign to customers on their website’s homepage in the image below.

Cabela’s Text Message Marketing Campaign

When a customer clicked on the advertisement on the homepage, they were taken to this page, which is embedded below for you to view.

Cabela’s Text Message Marketing

You can see in their online advertisement that they’re encouraging customers to text JOIN to 247365 to not only sign up for text message alerts, but to get $10 off their next purchase of $50 or more. This strategy of offering an incentive for customers to sign up for text message alerts has been proven to increase new subscribers by as much as 520%. As you can see here, this strategy is working for Cabela’s, as they’ve consistently been able to grow their SMS subscribers at a rate of 6% a week!

Ever wonder what the average opt-in rate for your text message marketing advertising should be? To find out what the average opt-in rate for advertising a text message marketing campaign on social media, websites, television, email and even in-store, click here.


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