Top 7 RCS Business Messaging Features

Top 7 RCS Business Messaging Features

What Is RCS Business Messaging?

Many businesses such as Virgin Trains, Walgreens, Gamestop, Papa Murphy’s, Philips, Sky, SONIC® Drive-In, Subway, and Time Inc., have started to test RCS messaging, as part of Google’s Early Access Program.

RCS business messaging is a newly developed A2P (application-to-person) messaging protocol for Android mobile phones. This new messaging protocol has the potential to replace traditional SMS and MMS marketing methods in the near future. With 24% of U.S. consumers being able to receive RCS business messages by 2020, marketers are very excited.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) gives marketers the opportunity to communicate with consumers in a much more rich and interactive way. With that being said, what do we believe are the top 7 RCS business messaging features that are most exciting for marketers?

Below is our list of the top 7 RCS business messaging features, and why they’re so exciting for mobile marketers.


RCS Business Messaging Features

1. RCS CarouselsRCS Business Messaging Features - RCS Carousels

By far the #1 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is the RCS carousel. An RCS carousel is a collection of lined up rich cards that can be scrolled horizontally. This app-like feature is a real game changer for brands who use mobile messaging services to communicate with their customers, because it greatly enhances their experiences. Each RCS carousel card is able to display the following content:

  • RCS carousel card title
  • RCS carousel card sub-title
  • Clickable links
  • High resolution images & video

To read more about RCS carousels, click here. Want to see how Kroger is using RCS carousels in their recently deployed RCS chatbot, check out the video here.


2. RCS Suggested Actions

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS Suggested Actions

The #2 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is RCS suggested actions. These clickable buttons allow users to perform a variety of actions, depending on the provided services of the brand they are chatting with. In total, there are seven types of RCS suggested actions that marketers can use in their RCS business messages.

To learn more about RCS suggested actions, and find out what the seven different actions can be, check out this video.


3. RCS Smart Replies

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS Smart Replies

The #3 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is RCS smart replies. Smart replies (also called quick replies) are similar to RCS suggested action buttons. Like RCS suggested actions, these buttons help to guide a user through the RCS messaging experience. Buttons like the RCS smart replies help guide the conversation, and save the consumer time by not requiring them to type out their responses.

When consumers click on an RCS suggested reply, this automatically sends the consumer’s response back to the brand. Examples of RCS smart replies are those that let users respond with a simple “yes” or “no”, or between suggested appointment time slots.

Want to see how Subway is using RCS smart replies, check out this video.


4. RCS High Resolution Images

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS High Resolution Images

The #4 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is RCS high resolution images. With RCS business messaging, brands will be able to show consumers mobile messages that contain high resolution images and GIFs. Although sending images is something that is already possible with MMS marketing, these images sent with RCS will be much higher resolution, making them significantly better.

You know who will benefit from high resolution images? Retail brands like AllModern! Want to see how AllModern is using high definition images in their RCS chatbot, check out this video.


5. RCS High Definition Videos

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS High Definition Videos

The #5 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is RCS high definition videos. As with mobile images, videos are another messaging feature that MMS marketers are already familiar with. However, similar to the advantages of RCS images over MMS images, marketers with RCS will be able to share high definition videos with consumers.

Speaking of video, have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? If not, click here now to make sure you don’t miss anything.


6. RCS Read Receipts

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS Read Receipts

The #6 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is RCS read receipts. Read receipts are a simple RCS business messaging feature, which provides significant value to consumers by giving them the confidence that their messages are being received and read by a brand.

Want to know the #1 question about RCS messaging? It’s if RCS messaging is encrypted? Find out the answer by watching this video.


7. RCS Typing Indicator

RCS Business Messaging Features - RCS Typing Indicator

The #7 RCS business messaging feature for mobile marketers is the RCS typing indicator. The RCS typing indicator feature will show in real-time if the consumer or brand is creating a message. This is a great way to keep consumers engaged in a chat, as it makes them aware that a response to their message will follow soon. This makes them want to stick around to see the pending message, and thus will lead to higher chat completion rates.


Interested in RCS Business Messaging?

Tatango has been an active player in the mobile messaging industry for more than 12 years. Over the course of those years, we have witnessed the growing influence and continuous developments of RCS business messaging, and we believe that now is the perfect time for brands to give this new mobile messaging channel a try.

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