#1 RCS Business Messaging Feature – Carousels

There’s been so much excitement recently about the upcoming launch of RCS business messaging, but there’s one RCS business messaging feature that has us most excited here at Tatango. That feature is… RCS Carousels!

This RCS business messaging feature, as you can see below, will allow brands to create a swipeable experience, right within a mobile message.

RCS Business Messaging Carousels

Below are some of the details we know so far about RCS Carousels.

  • An RCS Carousel card can be made up of static images, animated images (GIFs), videos, or even audio files.
  • The min. card height for a RCS Carousel is 112 DP, and the max. height is 344 DP.
  • There can be between 2-10 cards within an RCS Carousel.
  • In each RCS Carousel card, you can included a title, a description of the card, and even Suggested Replies and Actions. To learn more about Suggested Replies and Actions, click here.

We’re extremely excited about this functionality, but we want to hear from you! Let us know in in the comments section below, what is most exciting about RCS Carousels for your business?

RCS carousels are part of the RCS Messaging Universal Profile – Version 2.0, which you can read more about here. 

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