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#1 RCS Business Messaging Feature—Carousels

There’s so much excitement about the upcoming launch of RCS business messaging, and one RCS business messaging feature has us most excited here at Tatango: RCS Carousels!

Before we talk about this exciting feature, let’s first take a look at what RCS messaging is.


What Is RCS Messaging?

RCS stands for rich communication services. It’s a new mobile messaging protocol for Android mobile phones similar to SMS and MMS text messaging, and it has the potential to replace these traditional text message marketing methods. RCS business messaging can be used by a consumer texting a business and a business texting a consumer.

The main difference between traditional messaging and RCS is that RCS allows marketers to communicate with existing customers and interested consumers in a richer, more interactive way. Using app features without an actual app, marketers can use RCS to enhance mobile marketing campaigns further. One of the many advantages RCS has is that it’s compatible with most existing mobile text messaging apps.

Companies such as Walgreens, Gamestop, Virgin Trains, Papa Murphy’s, Philips, Sky, SONIC® Drive-In, Subway, and Time Inc., are testing RCS messaging as part of Google’s Early Access Program.

With RCS business messaging, companies can custom-brand messages with their logo and colors and create more engaging experiences with rich media content like images, videos, GIFs, and rich cards (also known as carousels).


What Is an RCS Carousel?

An RCS carousel is a horizontally scrollable collection of rich cards lined up side by side. A carousel can contain up to 10 rich cards. Each RCS carousel card can include the following content:

  • RCS carousel card title
  • RCS carousel card subtitle
  • Clickable links
  • High-resolution images and video

As shown in the example below, this RCS business messaging app-like feature can be a real game-changer. With an RCS carousel, a brand can create a swipeable experience for customers right within a mobile message.

RCS Business Messaging Carousels

Here’s what we know so far about RCS carousels:

  • An RCS carousel card can include static images, animated images (GIFs), videos, and audio files.
  • The minimum card height for an RCS carousel is 112 DP, and the maximum height is 344 DP.
  • An RCS carousel can contain up to 10 cards.
  • Each RCS carousel card can include a title, a description of the card, and even suggested replies and actions. Learn more about suggested replies and actions.


Get Answers to Your RCS Business Messaging FAQs

We’re extremely excited about this functionality, and we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below what’s most exciting about RCS carousels for your business?

RCS carousels are part of the RCS Messaging Universal Profile—Version 2.0.

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