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Top 6 SMS Marketing Objectives

Our good friends over at ExactTarget recently took a survey of 68 brands running SMS marketing campaigns, and they asked these brands what their top SMS marketing objectives were. Then for comparison, they asked brands what their marketing objectives were for their mobile app marketing, the results are definitely interesting.

These results are displayed in the nice graph below.

SMS Marketing Strategy

When it comes to SMS marketing objects, the top two for the brands surveyed are selling products/services and lead generation. It’s interesting to note that ExactTarget also surveyed brands about their top email marketing objectives, and selling products/services and lead generation were the top two objectives for email marketing.

What was concerning about the results of this survey was that only 32% of brands said they used SMS marketing to drive site traffic. We’ve seen some amazing results from driving e-commerce traffic from SMS marketing efforts, so this is definitely an area that I think brands should start focusing on sooner than later.

When it comes to mobile app marketing, brand objectives were a little different, with driving brand awareness bumping generating leads out of the top two. What’s the same, is the whether a brand is using SMS marketing, or app marketing, they all put selling products/service at the top of their objectives.

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