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Simon Malls Boosts SMS Subscribers With $1,000 Shopping Spree

Shopping malls are filled with advertisements that try and attract the attention of a passing shopper. So how does a shopping mall like Northgate Mall, owned by Simon Malls get a shoppers attention when they want to increase their SMS subscribers?

Like many of our SMS marketing clients, Northgate Mall decided to offer an incentive for consumers to opt-in to their SMS campaign. While the majority of the time our clients offer some type of immediate reward when a customer opts-in, like 50% off a customer’s next purchase, Simon Malls decided to enter new SMS subscribers for the chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree.

To opt-in, and enter the SMS contest, consumers were told to text WIN101 to the short code 74666. Below is one of the advertisements you can find in Northgate mall promoting the SMS campaign.

Simon mobile SMS campaign sign up

After a consumer has texted WIN101 to the short code 74666, they’re asked to confirm their subscription to the Mobile Shopper Club by responding “YES”, as you can see in the text message below.

SMS Contest Example

What I like about the way Northgate Mall advertised their SMS campaign, was the fact that they weren’t trying to pull a bait-n-switch on consumers, like we’ve seen with other brands in the past. Their advertisement was extremely clear to consumers that by entering the SMS contest, they were also agreeing to receive future SMS offers from Northgate Mall. Also, to make sure there was no confusion, Northgate Mall had consumers reply “YES”, creating a double opt-in.


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