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Online Retailer Grows SMS Database 5,000 in 24hrs

Are you looking for a good online retail text message marketing case study? If so, you’re in luck because recently Julep, an online beauty retailer launched their Mobile Insider Club, and in just the first 24 hours generated 5,000 new mobile subscribers.

The best part about this story is that Julep, similarly to Seattle Sun Tan, who generated almost $200,000 in sales from their SMS campaign, didn’t have an existing database of mobile phone numbers, which means they grew their subscriber database from zero to 5,000 in only 24 hours.

Online Retail Text Messaging Campaign

How did Julep generate 5,000 new mobile subscribers in just 24 hours? It’s actually pretty simple, and again very similar to how Seattle Sun Tan did it. Instead of just advertising for people to become a Julep Mobile Insider by texting “JULEP” to 33733, they created an initial offer to reward new Mobile Insiders, giving them 50% off their next nail color purchase.

Well this initial offer may not seem too exciting to men like myself, the women loved it, with the promotion producing a 10.7% redemption rate, meaning that for every 1,000 people that became a Julep Mobile Insider, 107 Mobile Insiders made an online purchase on Julep’s website. You can see below how this initial promotion works in conjunction with becoming a Julep Mobile Insider.

Online Retailer Text Messaging Promotion

Another awesome thing about this online retail text messaging campaign was the fact that Julep maintained a 99% retention rate, meaning that for every 100 people that joined as a Julep Mobile Insider, 99 remained after receiving the initial 50% discount. This is higher than what we’ve found to be the industry average of 97.7% for text messaging campaigns that offer significant promotions to new mobile subscribers. To learn more about what you can expect for your own text messaging campaign when offering significant incentives to join, check out this blog post on this topic.

Want to learn more about this online retailer’s text messaging campaign, read/download the full case study here.


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