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How To Create A Holistic Texting Strategy (+3 Goals That Aren’t About Donations)

As more nonprofits compete for attention across social media feeds and email inboxes, many are shifting their focus to text messaging. In fact, 90% of marketing text messages are read within three minutes—it’s a perfect channel for reaching supporters and achieving your fundraising goals. 


Tatango has been an industry-leading texting platform for over 15 years and has helped many campaigns and organizations optimize their fundraising and surpass previous records. However, text messages offer nonprofits many other advantages in other areas besides fundraising. 


What Else Can Nonprofits Do with Text Marketing?

While fundraising may be vital for nonprofits, it’s not the only way to increase awareness and boost engagement. Here are three more ways your nonprofit can benefit from text marketing:

  1. Organize Events and Campaigns

Since text marketing has a 99% open rate (compared to 20% for emails), it’s a much more reliable and efficient way to organize in-person events. With Tatango as your partner, you can use list segmentation to categorize your subscriber list by timezone, region, demographics, and any other provided by your subscribers. Targeted messages help rally support in specific areas and promote live events and campaigns to specific people within your subscriber base so you can get the most from each message. You can also inform supporters about specific opportunities and donation deadlines based on location, so the right information reaches the right supporters, no matter where they’re located. 

     2. Share Your Mission and Goals

It’s tough to summarize your team’s goals on yard signs or in 100-character social media posts. With longer multimedia messages (MMS messages) through Tatango, you can embed images, video clips, GIFs, and other media. Eye-catching messages will help your heartfelt calls to action, updates, and thank-you messages stand out from the crowd and keep your supporters engaged with your mission.


       3. Engage with Volunteers

Text messages can help you mobilize supporters and organize volunteers to help with live events and fundraising drives. Use questions and keywords during opt-in to learn who among your supporters is interested in volunteer opportunities. Then use that information to send tailored messages to potential volunteers and gain even more momentum for your next campaign. 


Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Campaign with Text Marketing

Texting is the perfect tool for sending donation links. However, it’s also an excellent tool for nonprofits to build support, organize live events, educate potential donors, and find volunteers. Texting is a great way to reach people directly, start conversations, share stories with supporters, rally volunteers, and build momentum for upcoming fundraising drives. 


If you’re ready to take full advantage of what text marketing can offer your nonprofit, contact our team of experts at Tatango today.

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