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Why Your Email Deliverability is Plummeting and Three Ways to Boost It

When you’re a nonprofit digital marketer, email marketing is often a key communication channel for your team, and bounced or rejected emails can have a significant negative impact on your campaign’s outcomes. Fundraising success and high engagement happen when your supporters feel involved in your journey and are inspired to follow and fuel your efforts. Whether by email or text message, communication is crucial for compelling storytelling and fundraising. 


When sending key reminders or heartfelt follow-up messages, it’s essential to know whether your emails will reach your supporters’ inboxes rather than their junk or spam folders. If your emails are often not getting to inboxes, it’s time to address potentially serious issues with your email deliverability.


Why Your Email Deliverability Is Falling Short

Many factors can affect email deliverability, such as your domain, your email provider, the quality of your subscriber list, email frequency, and your reputation profile. While your delivery rate measures how many of your messages reach your supporters, it doesn’t account for messages caught by spam filters. That’s why it’s crucial to consider and track email deliverability.


Three Ways to Boost Email Deliverability

Consider the following three ways to improve your email deliverability and enhance your overall communication strategy with one other communication channel.

  1. Keep a Specific Focus

Stay on topic and adjust your frequency. If you’re sending messages too often, people are more likely to ignore them. Off-topic or unrelated emails may also frustrate subscribers, leading to poor open rates and damage to your reputation as a sender. Your subscribers joined for a specific reason, so keep that reason top of mind when crafting your emails. 


       2. Preemptively Prune Inactive Subscribers

Keep your subscriber list up to date. Say goodbye to inactive subscribers instead of waiting for them to unsubscribe. Inactive subscribers will negatively affect your metrics.

        3. Find the Right Email Provider for Your Organization

There are many email providers, so shopping around is a good idea. Look for the right email service provider for your organization’s needs, then stay with them for a while to help boost your numbers. Frequently changing service providers can hurt your email deliverability.

If email deliverability and delivery rates are getting you down, try expanding your communication channels by adding text messages to your overall communication strategy. Tatango has led the text marketing industry for fifteen years and can help you sync contact lists and get started easily.


Improve Your Email Deliverability

Email deliverability doesn’t have to be hard to manage. The three steps above can help improve your deliverability so you can reach the right people consistently. In addition, with a synchronized contact list between email and text messaging, your odds of finding the right audience for your campaign and fundraising drive are even better. Get in touch with the text marketing and fundraising experts at Tatango today to learn more and get started.

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