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Text Message Marketing News Roundup: November 5-11

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup - October 8 - October 14

A weekly roundup from November 5th to November 11th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on Mobile Marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

GOP ad firm defends anti-Obama texts as protected speech
The Republican marketing firm that bombarded people’s cellphones with unsolicited anti-Obama text messages this week is undeterred by criticism of the practice, claiming it is protected by its right to free speech.

Scambook Predicts Massive Best Buy Text Message Scam This Holiday Season Causing Damages Over $40,000
Scambook, the leading online complaint resolution platform, is warning consumers to be aware of an aggressive text message spam campaign. Based on complaints received from members of its online community, Scambook reports that victims receive a text stating that they have won a free $1000 Best Buy gift card on or

Telcos declare SMS ‘unsafe’ for bank transactions
The lobby group for Australian telcos has declared that SMS technology should no longer be considered a safe means of verifying the identity of an individual during a banking transaction.

SMS Traffic Exploded Election Night in Key Battleground States
As MMW reported yesterday, mobile devices were indeed integral in how Americans followed the returns as they came in Tuesday. Now we’re also learning that mobile was significant in how people communicated during the election night festivities.

Mobile: The New Political Platform
There’s no doubt that mobile usage is shaping a new era of political participation and discussion. In 2008, the giant communication channel for political chatter was on Facebook and Twitter. Although social still has a heavy viral reach, Americans took their mobile device to share their thoughts through text, donations, and flooded mobile app, Instagram, with pictures of “I Voted” stickers to show off their pride in making their vote count..

Citibank credit card bills can be paid via SMS
Citibank has launched a service which allows customers in Singapore to pay their credit card bills via SMS.

Rock the Vote ties location and mobile to drive Election Day turnout
Rock the Vote is making a last-minute push to drive users to the polls today. Registered voters can text the keyword WHERE to a short code to find their polling place. Rock the Vote is working with Mozes on this initiative.

comScore Reports September 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share
Smartphone Penetration Surges Past 50% Threshold for the First Time


Tatango SMS Marketing News:
Name Your SMS Campaign – Now Available
Have you ever wanted to name your SMS campaign something different than what you have your SMS keyword set as? Well today is your lucky day, as you’re now able to name each and every one of your SMS campaigns.

New Vanity Short Code Available – 90901
We just caught wind of a great new Vanity Short Code – 90901 that is now available to lease from the Common Short Code Administration.


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