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Name Your SMS Campaign – Now Available

Have you ever wanted to name your SMS campaign something different than what you have your SMS keyword set as? Well today is your lucky day, as you’re now able to name each and every one of your SMS campaigns. You can see in the example screenshot below that we’ve named our SMS campaign “Seattle Sushi”, which is different from our SMS keyword “SUSHI”.

We did this to help you better identify your SMS campaigns, especially those campaigns with multiple keywords, or keywords such as HOUSE383, which aren’t easily identifiable.

Tatango SMS Keyword

Want to set or change your SMS broadcast campaign name? To do this, select the “Settings” tab in the top navigation, then select “General”. To make sure you don’t have any troubles finding this page, we’ve made a nice little visual for you below.

Tatango Screenshot - Settings

Need help with setting or changing your SMS broadcast campaign name? Don’t hesitate to call us at (206) 274-6599 or send us a message.


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