Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Nightclub Generates $6,170 From One SMS Promotion

Are you a nightclub that wants to generate revenue from your text message promotions?  The TAO Nightclub text club did just that by raking in $6,170 in one night, all from one text message promotion. That means each person who came in from the text spent an average of $28, or to look at it another way, each subscriber to their text club is worth just over $3 for every text message they send.  How did they do it you ask?  I will break it down into 5 easy steps for you.

TAO Night Club Text Message Promotion

1) TAO Nightclub knew what they wanted when they started their text club.  From the beginning, they knew generating more revenue was the goal. They felt the best way to do this was to start promoting their weekly parties and their big DJ nights, drawing more patrons into the nightclub.

2) TAO Nightclub knew that if their average text club member was worth $3 for every text message, the bigger their text club list got, the more revenue they would generate with each and every text message promotion. TAO Nightclub grew their text club list by keeping their text message promotions very simple.  They posted the message “Text the word TAO to 25827 From Your Mobile Phone to Receive Exclusive Invites To Events at TAO” within the nightclub, bathrooms, behind bars, their plasma TV’s, emails, their website and even on fliers distributed outside of the nightclub.

3) TAO Nightclub used good judgement on when to send their text message promotions.  The nightclub knew that their weekly parties and big named DJ’s would bring in the highest revenue so they decided to send the message to their 2,000+ text club subscribers on the same day of their events, but early enough in the day for text club subscribers to have enough time to plan their night. Genius!

4) TAO Nightclub made their deal exclusive.  At the end of the night 118 men showed the text message promotion to get the reduced rate at the door which was $15, generating $1,770 in admission fees and 102 women showed the text promotion to got in for free.

5) TAO Nightclub made sure to offer a deal to their text club members that was win/win.  On the front end they lost money at the door by giving away free cover with their text message promotion, BUT the 220 attendees who came because of the text averaged 2 drinks per person at an average $10 per drink, totaling $4,400 of income at the bar.

If you don’t know how to measure the success of your nightclub text message promotions, I would check out this video to learn how.  Go ahead and do that.  We’ll wait…..

Welcome back! Is your text club as valuable as the one that TAO Nightclub has built? Is each individual text club member worth $3 per text message to your nightclub? Give Tatango a call today at (888) 517-6345 or send us a message and ask how we can help your nightclub generate significant revenues from a text message club.


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