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12% of SMS Interactions Are With Businesses

Business to Consumer Text Messaging Statistics

Wow, did you realize that in the United States 12% of consumers’ text message interactions are with businesses? I had no clue it was this high, but it’s obviously good news for text message marketers out there. What’s interesting to note about this SAP survey is that the United States had the lowest percentage of consumers’ reporting text message interactions with businesses.

The survey which polled consumers ages 18-65 year old, and consumers across 12 different countries, found the following percentages of weekly text messages with businesses, and also includes how many overall text message interactions they had during those periods.

  • Asia-Pacific Markets – 80 messages per week (22% with businesses)
  • European Markets – 60 messages per week (15% with businesses)
  • US Market – 124 messages per week (12% with businesses)

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