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94% of Seniors Are Sending Text Messages Weekly

Senior Text Messaging Usage Statistics

Did anyone download Experian’s new report Millennials come of age: ConsumerSpeak Series? If so, did anyone see the section on what activities each generation were doing on a weekly basis on their smartphones? According to the report, which was generated from a survey of 23,689 adults, and done by the reputable Simmons® National Consumer Study (NCS), seniors (70 years or older) are going bonkers for text messaging.

I’m not joking… The report says that the 94% of the “Silent Generation”, which represents adults 70 years or older are text messaging on a weekly basis. Based on these findings, people in the United States that are 70 years or older are text messaging on a weekly basis more than any other generation.

Below are the age ranges for each generation.

  • Millennials: ages 18 to 34.
  • Generation X: ages 35 to 49.
  • Baby Boomers: ages 50 to 69.
  • Silent Generation: ages 70 and older.

I’ve gotta go, as I guess I owe my grandparents a much overdue text message.

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