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Six Flags Generates 5,000 Opt-Ins in 90 Days

Six Flags Mobile campaign case study

Six Flags. The world’s most fun place. Six Flags’ only problem was they were lagging in attendance from their strongest demographic: teens.  Recognizing the trend that teen cellphone use is growing at a rate faster than any other age group, Six Flags launched an interactive mobile campaign that included Text-to-Win contests, and text alerts for VIP only ticket sales, exclusive park information, weather updates, and more.

Six Flags Txt-2-win

Encouraging participation through in-park advertisements, radio promotions, social networks, and making text alerts the main form of communication for their large events such as the July 4 Festival, the mobile campaign generated a significant amount of opt-ins. Within just three months following the program’s start, the Six Flags text alerts campaign expanded to almost 5,000 subscribers. More importantly, they saw an increase in teen park attendance as a direct result from their text alerts campaign.

Summer is coming fast and if you’re a family fun business, mobile messaging is the way to go.  It is the most used form of communication by your clients, it has a high open-rate, it’s fast, and it’s proven to work. Need help setting up mobile text alerts for your family fun business? Follow these 10 easy steps to setting up an SMS loyalty program, or Contact Tatango today.

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Six Flags Text Campaign 

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