SMS Marketing Statistics

44% of Smartphone Users Want SMS Promotions

One question at Tatango we always gets asked is “How often would you recommend sending a message?”  There’s not a one size fits all answer, but in a StrongMail survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, 65% of smartphone owners said they would want to receive promotional messages once a month or more, with 44% wanting SMS promotions sent to their smartphone.Smartphone SMS marketing

It’s also interesting to note how location effects these results.  It’s reported that 38% of smartphone owners are interested in receiving a relevant SMS promotion when they are near a businesses location. This is higher than the 30% who are interested in receiving promotional messages via SMS regardless of their location.

With smartphone ownership now well past 50%, isn’t it time you started thinking about using SMS promotions to drive new business.  Have questions about driving new business with SMS promotions, or want to chat about how Tatango can help you with your other mobile marketing needs, call us today at (888) 517-6345 or send us a message.

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