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RetailMeNot Uses Text Messaging To Increase App Downloads

Looking for examples of mobile apps that are using text messaging to increase downloads? Lately the best place, besides the Tatango blog, is to look in your local shopping mall for examples. Just last week we showed you how Pirq was advertising their mobile app in Westfield Shopping Centers, and this weekend our very own Steve found RetailMeNot doing the exact same thing in NorthGate Mall.While it’s super common for app developers to use text messaging on their websites to decrease the friction when downloading their apps, you don’t see as many of them using text messaging in real-world advertising. This is starting to change though, and it seems like wherever you go it’s becoming more popular, and with mobile apps like Pirq and RetailMeNot leading the way, you can be sure other app developers will be following.

Retail Me Not App Marketing

When you text “SAVE” to the short code 42767, you’ll get the following text message, with a link that directs you to the appropriate app store for your mobile device. It doesn’t get much more simple than that folks!

RetailMeNot Text Message Download


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