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SMS Marketing Case Study – Kiehl’s Experiences 73% Redemption Rate

Are you a marketer on the hunt for good SMS marketing case studies? If so, we have a treat for you today from Kiehl’s, an American cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in making premium skin, hair, and body care products. The best part, not only is this a great SMS marketing case study, it’s also a great SMS geofencing case study.


SMS Marketing Case Study

Kiehl’s used in-store signage, email marketing and social media to promote the use of their SMS Campaign, which they dubbed Kiehl’s Alerts. The cosmetic company had two opt-in methods, one being signing up online, which you can see below, and the second being texting the SMS keyword “KIEHLS” to the SMS short code 25787.

Kiehl's SMS Marketing Case Study

After signing up online or texting “KIEHLS” to 25787, customers were asked to agree to share their location with Kiehl’s so that cosmetic company could send up to three location based text alerts a month, generally when a customer was within a certain radius of one of Kiehls’ 45 test stores.



After the six month pilot program, Kiehl’s found that 73% of their customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase, and 81% of respondents to a survey sent out after the pilot program recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s. That means out of the customers that recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s, 90% of them made a purchase in-store during that six month pilot program. Pretty good results if you ask me!


Try It Yourself

Are you interested in launching your own SMS geofencing campaign, or maybe just a regular SMS marketing campaign that produces the same phenomenal results as Kiehl’s experienced from their campaign? Contact the SMS marketing experts at Tatango by phone at 1 (888) 517-6345 or drop us a message here, and let us help you get the same results that Kiehl’s experienced for your own SMS marketing campaign.

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