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Redbox Uses Text Messaging to Grow Email Marketing List

Growing an email marketing list is hard, but more frequently, brands are starting to explore the idea of using text messaging to help. Did you know that 5% of all Chuck E. Cheese’s email signups come from text messaging? Yep, it’s true! Not to be left in the dust by Chuck E. Cheese’s, Redbox has started leveraging their SMS subscriber database to grow their email marketing list.

As you’ll see in the text message below sent from Redbox’s SMS short code 727-272, it’s asking for SMS subscribers to join the Redbox email list, in exchange for a free 1-night rental. Redbox makes it pretty simple too, as all an SMS subscriber has to do is reply to the text message with the word “Email”, then when prompted, reply with their email address. You can see this process in the text message below.

RedBox Text Message

Did you know this isn’t the first time that Redbox has been featured on our blog? Check out our most recent post about their text messaging campaign, where in 10 days they had over 40,000 customers opt-in to receive text messages from the brand. Keep up the good work Redbox!

This reminds us, are you a restaurant looking to grow your email marketing lists? Check out this great example from Applebees, where they use text messaging to capture customer’s email address from a mailer.

Want to join the Redbox text messaging club? You can join by clicking here, or texting SIGNUP to 727272. Interested in how other brands are using text message marketing? Check out this post, on the top brands using text message marketing.

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