Text Message Marketing Case Studies

5% of Chuck E. Cheese’s Emails Come From Texting

Getting customers signed up to your email list can prove to be a tricky task, especially when they may not be able to input their email addresses right away. Chuck E. Cheese’s found a way around that problem by using text messaging to grow their email list, resulting in 5 percent of all new email addresses coming from this method.

What was astonishing was that emails collected by Chuck E. Cheese’s through a text message opt-in had an open rate 10-to-20 percent higher than other methods, and coupon clicks were also 8-to-10 percent higher.

So how does Chuck E. Cheese’s collect email addresses through text messaging? To start off, Chuck E. Cheese’s told customers to text their email address to the SMS short code 35505, as you can see below in their advertisement.

Chuck E. Cheese's Text Messaging Campaign

After Chuck E. Cheese’s customers texted their email address to 35505, they received a text message response thanking them for joining the Chuck E-Club, and instructing them to check their email inbox for an exclusive welcome coupon.

Chuck E. Cheese Text to join email list

By allowing Chuck E. Cheese’s customers to opt-in to their email marketing list on the fly through a simple text message, Chuck E. Cheese’s has been able to significantly grow their email list. Are you interested in collecting email addresses from your customers by text message? contact Tatango and let us help you grow your email list by using the power of text messaging.


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