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Redbox SMS Suggests Reserving Movies From Your Smartphone

Redbox Logo

Redbox did what Blockbuster could not, and turned the movie rental business on its head thanks to technology. There are currently over 42,000 rental kiosks spread across the United States, and you can even rent video games.

The company actively uses SMS marketing to reach customers, and it’s 10 days of deals promotion was particularly impressive. Taking advantage of technology, Redbox is pushing customers to reserve movies/games directly from their smartphone:

Redbox SMS Message

After receiving a text message from the short code 727272, Redbox mentions several new movies at the time: Pitch Perfect 2, Tomorrowland, and Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations. Clicking the link to “reserve” a movie, you’re taken to a mobile-optimized website where you can look up the nearest kiosk, and hold something for pickup.

Redbox Mobile Site

Redbox ran a special mobile marketing campaign that not only hooked up customers with a free movie, but helped get new followers to its Instagram account.

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