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SMS Autoresponder Helps Redbox Engage Mobile Subscribers

Whoever is running Redbox’s mobile marketing efforts needs to win some sort of award, if they haven’t already! This winter, Redbox took their SMS marketing campaign to another level by incorporating an SMS autoresponder into their campaign. I’m serious, whoever is running Redbox’s SMS marketing campaign is quickly becoming an SMS marketing blackbelt with these moves.

So how is Redbox integrating SMS autoresponders in their SMS campaigns to not only improve engagement with their SMS subscribers, but impress even me with their SMS marketing mastery? First they set up an SMS autoresponder with the keyword “BIG”, and everyday during their 10 days of deals campaign, they’d switch out the text message received in response to a customer texting their SMS autoresponder keyword “BIG”. Then they messaged all their current SMS subscribers from the short code 727-272 to tell them about how they can text their SMS autoresponder each day to receive a surprise deal. You can see an example of their use of an SMS autoresponder below. How cool is that?

Oh yea… we forgot to tell you that over 400,00 customers participated in the SMS marketing promotion, generating over 1.5 million SMS messages in just 10 days! Yea, whoever is running the SMS marketing campaign at Redbox needs to win an award for kicking so much butt.


SMS Autoresponder - RedBox Example


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